Friday, June 29, 2012

Week Two in Review......

I'll start by saying, "I'm Maggie.  I'm addicted to the cross-process filter on PicMonkey."

And I don't want any help with that.

Pinterest Week #2 was great.  Better than Week #1!  I think I picked bigger, messier, crazier reactions, mad-scientist type activities and that is up Georgia's alley like no ones business.

Here we go.......

These little babies really make the round on Pinterest so we gave them a whirl.  I'd grade these an A+.  First however, you should know......I love hotdogs.  Love them.  So--there's not a lot you can do with hotdogs that I wouldn't like.  I know.....what am I?  A seven year old?  This was a great activity for Georgia to carry out, very easy, pretty clean, and almost fool-proof.  They were also fairly delicious.  We'll do these again for an easy lunch for sure!

Side-note......It really is 'octopuses' (according to multiple grammar sources).....always thought it was 'octopi'......who knew? 

I'll say this about this experiment works......perfectly and quickly.
I'll say this second......I'm never doing it again.
I felt sick almost the rest of the day from the smell of Ivory soap.  It is so sickeningly sweet or acrid or something else I can't put my finger on that makes me want to vomit.  It infiltrates your microwave and your nose and I could hardly think of anything else but the smell.  I burned a lemon in my microwave to get rid of the smell and tried eating bananas, Oreo's, peanut butter, and pretty much everything else that I thought would take the scent out of my nose.

Obviously, I know nothing regarding what it feels like to be pregnant......but if you are pregnant and you've got that sensitive smell thing going on--steer clear of this.  I don't even know what I'd grade it--an A for F for foul?

This works great. However, as I suspected......there is no way this keeps a toddler occupied for an hour.  We wrapped this up in about twenty minutes.  Albeit, a good twenty minutes--but that's it.  And that's okay--it was very fun.  I filled up dollar store ketchup and mustard containers with the colored vinegar and we did this outside on the driveway with a tray of baking soda and a cupcake pan filled with baking soda. This one earns an A too.

This is the experiment that I had to purchase 8% hydrogen peroxide for.  And it absolutely works.  The weird thing about this is that at first, Georgia was a little non-plussed with it.  I kind of expected the foam to come shooting out of the bottle--in which case I don't know why I was doing it in the kitchen--but it comes out kind of slow and she just observed it quietly for a few seconds.  And you can see from the bottom middle picture above, something just clicked for her and she went crazy with excitement over this.  She loved playing in the foam that it left as well..........

We'll do this again for sure!  An easy, easy A.  

I'm planning on doing my third Pinterest Week the second week of July!  Join me?  What are you going to do?  Give me some suggestions--what ones should I do?  Leave some amazing links below in the comments!  

Hope you all have an amazing 4th of July!  We'll be heading back here for the 4th and I can't wait!  See you next week!  


  1. We did food coloring ice-cube painting last summer. Big hit! Color water, the darker the better, freeze, use on big pieces of paper out inthe drive way. Lots of fun on hotter days.

  2. Looks like a fun week. Love that last picture- what a beautiful girl!

  3. Your doing so great keeping up with the pinterest weeks. I totally failed - as we moved last week. Thanks for the heads up about the ivory soap smell...Yuck.

  4. Try one of those crazy bath tub ideas-like glow in the dark, rainbow painted bubbles, bath paint or spaghetti or water balloons in the tub. I think those look like tons of fun.

  5. Georgia is adorable! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.


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