Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This & That 2.0

I kind of liked putting all those links together a few weeks ago, so I thought……it's happening again....and probably again too.

Here we go….

Easter is Sunday. Georgia loves bunnies.  I love British accents. Win/Win.

My sister got this for me for Christmas in rose gold.  I love it.  Wear it almost everyday.  There's probably someone in your life (like yourself) who would love one too.

The word 'busy.' It can be annoying.

I've been trying to find time to read this book.  It's been sitting next to my bed for a month.  Ironic. Have you read it?  Is it good?  I can't decide if I'll like it or find it annoying.  The phrase "making time for you," rubs me the wrong way.  We'll see.

This is really important information for all of us moms to have.

I wish Serial had been about fifty episodes long.  This tells Ms. Koenig which cases she should explore next….the last one sounds particularly creepy.

I feel like I'd wear these everyday if it ever. stopped. being.winter.in.Michigan.

So helpful. Now if only I could master not making a pound of pasta every time I make spaghetti.

Are these creepy or cool?  I can't decide.  But I'm sure your kids will think they're funny.

Loved this post about being a stay-at-home parent for lots and lots of reasons....none that any of you would find all that interesting.

'Baby Jesus Awesome' is how one reviewer described this item.  Read the rest of the reviews. 

I'm not one to say "I'll never wear...( insert any up and coming fashion fad that's making a comeback)," because the Birkenstocks in my closet that I bought last summer know I'm usually game for pretty much anything fashion related.  I love this one--I just don't know if I can pull it off anymore at 37 like I could at 18.  Makes me a little sad. 

I bought this dress to wear for Easter--it's 1/2 off.  It's amazing. Seriously.  I almost don't believe it's not real leather and the color in person is perfection (which is strange because it's mauve) and I will wear this and wear this and wear this and bonus, it's crazy comfortable and I can just wipe baby spit up right off of it.

This little video is pretty cute.  My mom can't stand the guy--he's grown on me through the years.  Something so friendly about him.

In other news…….

I'm going to be selling a batch of Georgia's clothes that don't fit her anymore in an Instagram sale later on this week (as in tomorrow).  Follow @shopthepeach and I'll approve you when the sale launches.  These amazing little shoes--that she never wore--will be part of the sale.

And this adorable baby, named Crosby, who is mine, that I love and kiss about a bajillion times a day is eating baby food now and I love the baby food stage.  Currently he's digging sweet potatoes.  Today we're going to venture into green bean territory.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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