Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello Dolly!

We were planning on taking Georgia to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago for her fifth birthday this year.  In mid-Feburary she told us she didn't want to go, but that she wanted to have a 'kid' party.  We hadn't done that yet and frankly, it sounded way less expensive and surprisingly more relaxing than taking a trip to Chicago for the weekend.  So I jumped on that opportunity.

We narrowed our theme down to a -doll birthday party- where everyone could bring their favorite doll and we'd do some 'doll and me' stuff.  It was so much fun!  And honestly….. it was really easy to put together.  I searched on Pinterest for some ideas and found one, just one, other party like this.  I take no credit for what we did at our party--these were all someone else's ideas.  I just wish I'd bookmarked the site so I could give credit where credit is due.

We had the girls stand in front of a streamer backdrop with their dolls and Georgia as they arrived…..

and then they decorated some picture frames while we printed off the pictures.

At the end of the party, after the frames had dried, we put their pictures in them to take home. 

We made 'doll & me' bracelets….the doll ones out of pipe-cleaners to keep it simple.

And before the girls went home we filled snack bags from a 'girl sized' and 'doll sized' buffet.  A regular sized snack for the girls and a doll sized snack for the dolls.

Tiny Prints sent me these cute little adhesive tags to seal the bags with.  I love the colors and how easy it made it to fasten the treat bags.  The girls could do this part all on their own which is always a bonus.  

It's still hard for me to believe that this little girl is five.  Life is a whoosh……a good one……but sometimes a hard one to accept none-the-less.  Memories like this weekend though are good ones to store up and think about when life feels just so fast.  

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