Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter To-Do's.

I think it's safe to say we've officially hit the longest stretch of the year....mid January to mid-March. It's at least eight years long.  I go in and out of loving it--an excuse to stay cozy in the house, nest a bit, finish projects, cook, watch movies, not feel like a sloth if it's noon and I haven't showered yet, and the whole hunkering down bit--and hating it.  I'm trying really hard to hard to love it.  I do every year.  And mostly I'm successful.  However it doesn't help when your three old, out of the blue--on her own accord, starts saying we should move to Florida so we can always be warm.  It's hard to argue with that when it's 1 degree outside. 

But we're not moving anytime soon.  I'm still working on our move two months ago and the projects I want to finish. 

Here's our 1/2 bath off the mudroom.  That big wall staring right at you--I'm going to wallpaper that baby like it's 1985.  Something good.  I just need to start looking. 

I'm still collecting stuff for this gallery wall.  It comes together little by little.  There's a few things in the mail and some more brainstorming that needs to happen.  By the end of the winter doldrums--this will be finished. 

Georgia has this fabulous play loft at the top of the stairs.  I have some plans.  I've ordered a lot of paper lanterns and honeycomb balls from Oriental Trading.  I need to put them together  and hang them in one corner and work on my husband for what I want to hang in the other corner.  It could be cool--I just need to win him over to the cool side.  I think I have it in me. 

My front sitting room...a hem...parlor.  I'm in need of a whole bunch more Ikea frames to finish a project I've started on the other walls--they just haven't been in stock the last few times my mom has gone to get them for me.  Ikea--don't you dare discontinue them before I'm done. 

What are your winter to-do's?  The way I see it, you've got two solid months to knock 'em out and then they'll be suffocated by spring/summer to-do's.  The kind that involve garden hoses, top soil, sidewalk chalk, and deck stain, not frames, wall paper, and tissue paper party decorations.  


  1. I love G's hat. Dude, you will NEVER lose her with that bright neon hat.

    I don't have too many plans for the winter to be honest. We're pregnant again so we have to re-do Dylan's room eventually. However, we're talking about buying a house by the time our lease is up in October so I don't know how much I want to do to his room before then.

  2. You could hang a hammock chair in the other corner of Georgia's playroom?? Could be fun with lots of colorful pillows. I'm sure whatever you decide will look awesome. Congrats in your new house. From these pics it looks super nice :)


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