Monday, January 7, 2013


A word about Friday's post.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support so so many of you have shown for my friend Karen and the sad and very difficult situation she is up against when it comes to the adoption of her son.  The sheer quantity of shares, I lost count at thirty and beyond, and many of your heart-felt comments are a support that was definitely felt.  

I understand that there are many differing viewpoints within the adoptive community and I believe that sharing them, when it is done respectfully--especially about something as raw and sensitive as this topic was, is a learning opportunity for everyone.  I am an adoptive mom who is part of a very open adoption, and therefore, I am proudly an advocate for adoptive parents and birth parents who are working together to provide the most loving, stable, and healthy environment for their children.  And while differences of opinion are a natural and normal and healthy part of life, it is difficult for me to entertain them on this site when they are mean-spirited and cutting.  

So again, thank you to those people who were able engage in a conversation in this space in a productive and kind way--even if we all don't agree with everything we have to say and even when every detail can't be shared.  And most importantly, thank you for the prayers for peace and support you have extended towards my friend.   

When I can, I will relay how this situation turns out.  As you can imagine there are so many details and things always take longer than one would hope.  But in the mean-time, those prayers for peace and guidance and for Asher are coveted without end.  

One of my favorite songs is below.  There's no video for it.  The words speak for themselves. 


  1. Today is "the" day isn't it? I've been constantly praying and hope you update us when word has come of the verdict. I'm just broken over the potential of what may come. :(

  2. and how could this situation even evoke mean and cutting remarks? We should all be broken for everyone involved! Even the man pursuing his end of it, and what his heart must be like to do such a thing.

  3. I have been in prayer all day about this adoption situation. As of a mother of 3 adopted children all with different relationships with their birth families, I can only imagine the heaviness of Asher's parent. Anxiously awaiting an update.

  4. As a foster mother and adoptive mother of 3, I am anxiously praying about this little boy and his family. ALL of them. Please update as soon as you can.

  5. They won!!! Asher gets to stay home! Praise God!


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