Friday, March 23, 2012

35 baby........35.


This very flattering picture of us is a great memory.

Downtown Detroit on a blazing hot night in July for a Tiger's game--just us.  I love going to Tiger's games and I love being alone with you..........alone time is a commodity lately.  Within a matter of seconds the sky opened up and drenched that city with rain made for an ark.  And it lasted a long time.  And we ran out of that stadium as fast as we could and splashed through dirty Detroit puddles and huddled in doorways so I could wipe the mascara out of my eyes and laugh hysterically.  You weren't laughing as hard as I was.  When we finally made it back to the car in a muddy parking lot we just looked at each other in that, "What do we do--we can't sit on the seats being this wet," kind of way.  And it was still raining.  And I was wearing a white t-shirt.........plain white.

You took your clothes off right in the middle of the parking lot and got in the car in just your boxers.  I pulled a floor mat out of the back seat and sat on it hoping to save the seat from getting soaked clean through.  And then it started to hail.  And I kept laughing.

And right before we pulled out of the parking lot I made you stop and we shot this picture.

I love memories like this.  Memories that are unplanned, a little ridiculous, that one of us thinks is funnier than the other, and that I'll never forget......ever.  We'll be telling our grand-kids about the night we ran through downtown Detroit in a torrential downpour and couldn't even see where we were running to get back to our car.  And we'll laugh..........and they'll just stare at us.

But they're our memories.  And I'm so thankful I have fifteen years worth of memories with you Chris.  I've known you almost as long as I haven't known you.

I'm looking forward to years and years worth of memories like this one.......that are just ours.......

I love you.  Happy Birthday.

And......for everyone else.......that delightful picture at the top?  That's my "For Real Friday" moment for you this week.  Have a great weekend......I'll be dancing down a yellow brick road at G's birthday party, pink Glinda crown and all.  Pictures Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Chris!!

    Maggie- have fun this weekend...can't wait to see pics from her party...I'm sure it will be amazing!


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