Saturday, January 7, 2012

One of those days.......

If you're a mom you need pictures like this.  You need pictures like this to look at on days like today.  Days when your child is not happy about anything.......because she's just feeling a little cranky--like we all do sometimes.  But it makes the day........a little hairy.  A little trying and a little, 'I want to sit down in the middle of the grocery store and cry too.'

Georgia is at a crossroads of sorts--the kind where she doesn't really need a nap, but she kind of needs a nap sometimes but won't take one.  And that part about kind of needing a nap catches up with her after day four or five of not having one and she's not entirely her happy go-lucky self.  But we push through and negotiate through a lot of tears and drama and arched backs and cries for her 'cozy blanket' (Georgia's go to when she just isn't feelin' it). And tonight we left Larry's, one of Georgia's favorites because she was just too tired to handle the fun in an acceptable manner.  And when we came home another round of crying commenced which seamlessly transitioned into maniacal laughing which expedited bed-time in a serious way.

And then I looked at this picture that I took of her this week at the end of one of her quiet times....the sun is hitting her perfect honey-colored hair, she's so focused on her 'Russian' dolls, she's sweet, so kissable, and she's mine, and the Georgia that is really Georgia.

And I'm thankful for pictures like this, on days like today.

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