Sunday, June 29, 2014

Randomness Schmandomness

Random post alert coming at you……with some scattered info and some FAQ's.

1.  We surprised Georgia last weekend and took her to a big (bigger than our local theater where she first fell in love) production of The Wizard of Oz.  We all wore ruby slippers….because we're also the same family that all wore Mickey Mouse shirts on our first day at Magic Kingdom when I was in sixth grade.  It's how we do.

2.  I get asked constantly what color gray paint I have in my house.  Gray paint is killer to get right.  It either errs on the blue side, the brown side, or the purple side.  I picked my gray out of a builders swatch in about ten minutes when we were choosing everything for the interior of our house during the building process.  I have no idea what the name of it was.  However, if you want something similar use this one from Olympic Paint at Lowes….Secret Passage.

I used it to repaint the staff conference room at my school this year.  There is a ton of natural light in the room during the day and whether it's day or night this gray always looks gray. And really….is it 'gray' or 'grey?'

3.  My favorite places to get IG pictures printed:
  • Foxgram: This site is great for basic square pictures either 2x2 or 3x3
  • Canvas Pop:  I use this to get 12 x 12 canvases printed from my IG feed.  They are always on sale and they'll usually send you a $30 gift card in your order…..for the next time. 
  • Mixbook:  Fantastic for making books out of your IG prints.  They are big too--so they make a statement.  And so easy--you can just dump a whole bunch of prints into a book template and hit 'order.'
And of course there's about a hundred or so more that I've used, but those are the ones I keep going back to.  

4.  Have you heard anything about your adoption?  

No.  Nothing new to report here.  We've been officially waiting just over two months now and we're truly, truly okay with that.  The end of the year at work for me was crazy, even being only part time, and I'm acutely aware that everything I do with Georgia at this point may be the last time I'm doing it with just 'her.' So, I'm soaking those moments up and not wishing them away for anything.  

5.  Your chalk stuff?  What kind of chalk is it? 

Crayola baby.  That's it.  The best side-walk chalk that has ever been made.  And if you're reading this and work for Crayola--please send me a box of straight up black chalk.  I go through that faster than any other color.  

6.  "Where do you get Georgia's clothes from?"

I get a ton--a ton of them from Brickyard Buffalo.  It's hands-down one of the best daily deals sites out there for kids and adults.  I've gotten many of her summer dresses from the site this year--each of them cheaper than $15.  The one she's wearing in this picture was $12 I believe.  And they have a very fast shipping schedule--way better than most of the daily deals sites out there.  

7.  I Like Your Mala……..

Check out the new button in my side-bar right under the word sponsors--the one of the really cool necklace. My sister just launched an Etsy store selling the most gorgeous Mala necklaces.  And whether you're a hard core yogi or not these necklaces are super gorgeous and popular right now so you should probably check them out.  

And I think that's it……..
Like I said---holy random--but some questions I've gotten a lot recently via Facebook, IG, and e-mail.  

Hope you had a great weekend!  It's July this week!


  1. Oh my gosh, my husband would die if I tried to make him wear red shoes! Love it!!

    1. Luckily they make red Van's Ashley or I'd probably be on the losing side of that decision. :)


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