Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Firework Day {In Pictures}

4th of July, like Christmas, is one of those holidays that is hands down the most fun with kids.  Kids make small-town parades cool, red/white/and blue everything amazing, glow-in-the-dark (insert everything under the sun) the accessory to have, and watching fireworks the biggest thrill of your life.

We head to historic Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford every year to picnic on the lawn with friends, listen to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra play to the fire-works, and celebrate America.  Here's our day in pictures.

Hope you had a happy 4th!  


  1. love the one of you and her laughing!

  2. Everytime I see your pictures I can only imagine this is exactly the life G's birthmom had dreamed of for her....and how wonderful that she gets to witness the wonderful life that has unfolded for her daughter. Amazing!


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