Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stitch Fix Try #1

So I got my first Stitch Fix shipment today.  Five pieces.  Three days to keep them or return them in a free shipping bag.  If I keep anything I get to apply my $20 'styling fee' toward it.  If I don't, I forego that fee.

I wanted to either love or hate what I got to make it easier.  I don't hate some of the pieces (some are downright hideous and that makes it easy) but I don't instantly love any of them either.  For the ones that I'm on the fence about I get what they were trying to do in regards to the profile I filled out and they didn't completely miss the mark.  Everything fit perfect too--completely perfect--so that was great as well.  I think they sent quite a bit of variety which is nice because I've heard from others that variety was missing, but at first glance I don't inherently feel that any of it is 'so amazing, I must keep it.'

First up, these shorts.  Initially when I took them out of the box I loathed them.  I have no clam bakes on the beach coming up so I thought for sure they were going back.  However, I actually kind of like them when I put them on.  But still……..not completely in love.

This skirt deserves like a B for effort on their part.  I think I remember that somewhere in the profile I selected that I liked bohemian vintage looking pieces.  I can see where they were trying to go here.  It's linen and embroidered, but……….it's way too 'Talbot-sy' for me and not weird or bohemian enough; much too safe.

This dress.  I'm considering this.  It's so comfortable, fits very well, the belt is rope--which I love, and I can always be talked into black and white.  But, it's sleeveless, which I specifically said I didn't like or want.  So…….I don't know.

I mean, no.  Just no to this shirt.  One hundred times over no.  

And just in case they thought everyone on the planet except me hadn't already picked up a denim shirt from Target………

They chose this extra baggy Coldwater Creek inspired version for me.  Going back.  Quickly.

Whether I send it all back or keep something I'll definitely try it one more time.  I do feel like my pieces were a loose interpretation of what I said I liked.  I get to leave feedback about each one of them in the hopes that the next shipment will be better.  I've seen some incredible boxes from other people--I mean--amazing ones, so I have high hopes.    

It's a fun idea.  If you haven't ever tried it, log onto their site, and at least fill out the online profile to see if you think they'll be able to come close for you.  And then make sure to share with everyone what you've received!  


  1. Oh I am just tooo ummm "economical" to try it! and your box kinda sucked. and by kinda, I mean majorly. Hi, by the way! You are rocking the blogging thing and I'm just NOT. Two kids is a kick in the butt! just wait...whew!

    1. I know--not good--but I keep seeing such amazing ones and I think that would be so fun! I think I have the stomach for one more go-round. Also--having a husband who has been gone almost six weeks in a row all week helps the blogging thing. I can only watch so much TV, clean, finish projects alone before I head to my computer. I wouldn't recommend that much travel--but it does make me more productive sometimes. :)

  2. First time commenting but I just wanted to say that I think the dress looks great! The rest is far too "mumsy" to suit you!

    1. "Mumsy"….that's a great word and so right on! I do like the dress too--but it's a lot of money and just not "wow" enough for me to justify the cost.

  3. My first box was a no-go, as well. I recommend getting at least one more. My last several boxes were awesome!!! And yes, the dress should be a keeper. It looks great! Maybe you could wear a cardigan or something to cover your arms? (I'm the same way- I loathe sleeveless!)

  4. don't you dare keep those shorts sister.


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