Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day.

Chris has been a dad for five years now and honestly--watching him be a dad--and an incredible one--only makes me love him more everyday.  He is Georgia's world.  There is that line in John Mayer's song, 'Daughters,' that says, "Father's be good to your daughter's.  Daughter's will love like you do.", and whenever I hear it I am so thankful that our daughter is learning to love and how to be loved by Chris.  

He's been traveling a lot lately and it's tough to explain that to a five year old.  I grew up with a dad who travelled a lot so there is a part of it that just feels normal to me.  In fact, growing up I assumed that dads who didn't travel must not have a job.  And even now, if Chris has been home for a couple months and hasn't needed to go anywhere I start to wonder if everything is okay.  But for Georgia, after three nights of him being gone--she's over it.  She wants him here.  To wrestle with, tinker around in the garage with, run errands with, read with, play hide and seek with, talk to him at dinner, take a walk with, and just know that daddy is home.  

And I love that.  I love that for her, daddy means safe and secure and that everything is just how it should be. 

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads!  Especially Georgia's!

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