Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Friday. {I'm in Love}

Another little round-up of some Friday goodness for you.  

I honestly thought I'd fore-go this resurrected trend but then I found these yellow Birkenstocks and thought I'd give it a whirl again.  They sat in the box in my closet for about a month while I contemplated and then… I wore them once…..and I knew they were here to stay.  

This L'Oreal liquid eyeliner?  So easy.  I'm going on about three months of loving this stuff--that you can buy at the GROCERY STORE and is so much better than the MAC or Lancome versions.  

These super summery and cute shirts for G (and adults too) from Hello!  The watermelon tanks sold out  from the time I put one in my "shopping cart" to my phone re-directing me to PayPal--in less than two minutes--more are on the way--but I did snag a Popsicle one for now. But I mean--I love these! 

Happy weekending to you!  It's finally so beautiful here in Michigan.  Sun-screen, ice-cream sandwiches, and kiddie pools are on the agenda for the next two days……oh…….and an incredibly long dance recital Saturday night in which Georgia will dance for a total of two minutes.  #worthit 

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