Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Rituals…..

that happily bleed into fall.
Because with the onset of September we're good to call it fall in my book.  And last week, here in Michigan it was in the low sixties and it was lovely.  Once school starts I see no need for ninety degree weather.  It's September--my tan is fading--let's get the boots out.

But….the farmers market is amazing in August--and in September--and let's be honest, October too.  It's like the triple threat of outdoor activities.  My parents joined in on our Saturday morning ritual last week, and even in the rain it was great!

A few pictures………..

Basil bouquets smell amazing!

We always head to Van's for donuts after the market--and I'll be honest--and I'm sure I'm committing some sort of Grand Rapids heresy here--Van's has some of the worst donuts ever.  Ever.  But we still go almost every time we go to the market; because it's there, it's the after-market thing to do, and it's next to all the antique shops that we hit up next. 

We gave him a bit of donut….but it wasn't on a spoon so it doesn't rate in his book.  If it's not fed to him on a (silver) spoon he doesn't like it.

And nothing looks better on your counter than market "stuff." 

And on an unrelated note--this guy is ten months old next week.  Which is ridiculous.  He's amazing, adorable, so much fun, a little rambunctious, has an adorable mischievous streak, and is lucky he still owns two cheeks and all ten fingers……because I could eat him up every day of the week.  

Happy "it's basically fall!"  The MOST wonderful time of the year! Lots more market days to come!

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