Monday, February 16, 2015

I Love It…..That Valentine's Day…and I Always Will.

It was a favorite of mine growing up and still is.  Even as a single girl with no boyfriend I loved Valentine's Day.  I think it's sweet and pretty and cute and not this huge blown up, overdone, drop hundreds of dollars on it holiday. We don't really buy gifts or go out for expensive dinners usually.  But we do eat lots of cinnamon candies, wear hearts, and paint our nails red.  Who wouldn't like that?

Last year I started a Valentine's Day tea party tradition with Georgia using the antique tea cups that I got from my grandma.  It's super simple.  We make a little craft, have some heart shaped cupcakes, a little bit of candy, and the girls of course, try some tea. I love it because it plants the idea in Georgia's head that Valentine's Day is about something sweet to do with your friends and that holidays can be fun with simple and special traditions.

A few pictures…….

Every little girl has a favorite animal.  So we made glitter Valentine's animal necklaces out of plastic animals spray painted with an eye hook screwed in the back of them.

And a few weekends ago Georgia and Chris went to their first daddy/daughter dance.  It was adorable. Adorable.  Between these cute little Valentine's Day celebrations and Crosby only getting up once a night most nights….finally……February is my favorite month of 2015 so far.

Love.  It's fun to celebrate it.  Love for friends, and kids, and everything sweet!

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