Monday, December 29, 2014

A little of this…a little of that.

Coming to you live from the dark floor of Crosby's nursery as we try to transition him into his crib for the first time after a couple months in a pack and play outside our bedroom door…….

It's hard to believe that Crosby will be two months old next week (mostly because he still sleeps like a two week old when it comes to night time--but we won't hold that against him….yet).  It's been a blur and I'm sure having Thanksgiving and Christmas in there only made it seem faster.

Here's a mish mash of pictures that I took with my 'real' camera over the past few weeks….some from the earliest of Crosby days….some from the past few days.

Hospital.  Our first night together……and I daresay that looking at this picture it's clear to me that Crosby has since lost most of his hair.  It's also crazy to note that at this point we'd known about Crosby for less than 24 hours.  

Heading home from the hospital.  It was freezing….freezing this night.  It was right before the November blizzard that hit Michigan and I'm sure it was the rudest introduction to the world most babies leaving the hospital have.  

Waiting for us when we got home from the hospital from our incredible friends.  We had friends setting up pack and plays for us, buying buckets of supplies for us, sitting with my mom at the ER with Georgia for us (she was so, so sick), bringing us food, and all around being incredible!

The first picture of the incredible big sister that Georgia is with her little brother.  She was sweating out a fever the night we arrived home with him and was mostly delirious….unaware for the most part that we were even home. She woke up the next morning and was ready to go.

My mom……made to be an incredible mama…..and Gaga. 

There's a baby behind those ornaments.

Aunt Enna….he was smiling at her just a little bit.  He started smiling for real during Christmas--an appropriate time don't you think?  And he's got these great little casual, lazy, boy-next-door smiles that are so, so,  great.

My sister is determined to make the nickname "Bing" stick. 
I'm not. 

My sister and my mom decorated little gingerbread hats in honor of Crosby and the first month of his life in which he wore a whole lot of hats to protect the little bump he had on his head.  

Christmas Eve. Crosby didn't get to have any appetizers this year--next year he's down for sure.

And finally--this little dude hates baths like you've never seen…..unless Elsa joins him.  Georgia, being the creative big sister that she is, popped this beauty in his sight line during his last bath and he was calm as can be--even smiled a little bit.  He's got a thing for the ice queen….

Back a little later this week with the ten best things I did in 2014.  I'm sure you can guess at least one of them.

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