Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Friday. {I'm in Love}

Couple things you should know before you head into the weekend about a few things that I love.  And you might come to love them too.

THIS bathing suit from Ann Taylor Loft is amazing.  Like one of the best I've put on in a long, long time.  So comfortable, flattering, simple, and just…… really should at least order it and try it on.  I got mine for 50% off; it seems like Loft runs a 50% off sale once a week or so…..wait a bit and you might score that deal too.  It's only available on-line and I promise once people start catching on it will be gone.  

These shoes for little girls! I posted a picture of them on Facebook last week….and I really mean it. They are $12.  They only go up to a size 11 unfortunately and this is the last summer that Georgia will be able to wear them unless Old Navy has a change of heart.  They are lightweight, easy to take on and off, durable, can be worn in and out of the water and dry fast, don't cause blisters…and are super cute.  They sell out fast every time Old Navy re-stocks them.  Don't wait!

My recent Brickyard Buffalo purchase of this little clutch from the Etsy store ThisLovesThat

And….this Etsy store has more amazing going on than just this selection.  They also have another deal on Brickyard Buffalo today of a clutch that's a bit different than this one--but still pretty fantastic. 

Have a great weekend!  

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