Friday, December 6, 2013

Adoption Blog Carnival

I'm part of this incredibly supportive group on Facebook--all bloggers who are adoptive parents and/or waiting adoptive parents.  The network of support that has been created through this group is invaluable.  If I have a question….."how did you handle this?………"am I thinking about this the right way?……….."what did you do when?………..I can post it to this group and get idea after idea from people who've been there, done that, are living it, and letting it change who they are.  

This week I'm hosting our groups weekly adoption blog carnival.  Those who want to, submit articles that they've written in the last two weeks about adoption, giving us all the chance to read them from one place.  If you're new to the adoption blog carnival take a minute to check out some adoption bloggers that you might not know about……..

The first one comes from The Cork Board. In "2013, A Day in the Life of Us," Melissa writes about a day in the life with six home-schooled kids…..four from hard places.

The second one comes from Made in China, With Love.   Updated Stats…and the Truth  gives baby updates and details about their special needs.

And finally, Susan writes about her favorite role as an adoptive mom--their #1 fan with a backstage pass to their hearts.

So take a look around and throw these great ladies some blog love.  If you'd like to share one of their posts (or this post) on Facebook or Twitter make sure to use the tag #adoptiveblogcarnival.

And if you're interested in submitting your own post for our next adoption blog carnival please do so by following this link!  

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