Monday, June 3, 2013

Adult Stuff Disguised as Kid Stuff......

I've noticed since having a kid that a lot of "kid stuff" is actually adult stuff in disguise.  And I'm making no apologies for purchasing a number of kid things for myself.  For example--number 4 below--hello?  Awesome.  Kid stuff?  I could fill that beauty up with make-up lickety split.  And that sherpa puff from Pottery Barn Kids would go superbly in my living room. Anyway--just a few of my favorites from around the web!

1. Land of Nod...Obviously adorable in a kids room, but equally appropriate in a grown up bedroom hanging next to a wedding picture.
2. Land of Nod...These little poofs would be perfect on a deck or patio, no?
3. Fine Little Day....This cozy little baby blanket would be just as useful hanging over the back of a leather chair in your living room. 
4. J.Crew Crew Cuts.....Just plain awesome.  That's it. 
5.  Zara for Kids...This sweet little hair elastic would be great with a t-shirt and jeans. 
6. Land of Nod...Garland.  I just can't seem to get enough of it lately.  Hang amidst a grouping of photos in a gallery wall and you've got a whimsical finishing touch. 
7. Land of Nod...These nautical mirrors would look fantastic hanging above an entry way schmids. 
8. Pottery Barn Kids...With the popularity of sheepskin rugs, this sherpa poof fits right in!
9. J. Crew Crew Cuts...This necklace has little anchor cut-outs in each gold medallion.  Anchors are on-trend this season and this delicate piece of jewelry would make a great staple.  And the best part of J. Crew Crew Cuts are the prices!

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