Thursday, September 20, 2012

So.......this happened.

It's uncanny really.  How when Chris goes out of town for an extended trip it's like someone flips a switch and everything kind of falls apart........

In order.......since Chris left Monday morning:

His car gets dropped off to get new tire seals.
I fill up my car with gas.
The gas gauge is clearly broken as it's flying up and down like one of those love-meters at bad restaurants.
I call the mechanic to see if Chris's car will be done later that afternoon so I can drop mine off in its place.
It will--but it actually needs new brakes too, so it will be three times as much as we thought it was going to be.
But it's brakes.  They have to get fixed.
The neighbors behind us put their house up for sale.
For $20,000 less than our house is listed for. Helpful.  But actually not really.
I drop my car off.
Tuesday is fairly normal. However, Georgia is clearly sick when I get home from work.
Wednesday--Georgia is sicker and sleeps through the first 1/2 of ballet class.  No big deal.
I drive to ballet where my friend Rachel is going to help me do this ridiculous car switcheroo at the mechanics.
I do the whole car seat wrangling bit and I'm back in business with my car.
Rachel takes off.  I head to Goodwill where I need to drop some things off.
The car isn't right.  I can feel it.
I get to Goodwill and discover gas gushing out of the bottom of the car.  Gushing.  Like Old Faithful.
The Goodwill guys let me know what they think of my mechanic. I'm inclined to agree.
Georgia and I hang out in Goodwill (and it's not a good one) while we wait for a tow truck and the rental car the mechanic is going to get me.
The tow truck arrives.
As does the mechanic in an 1820 Lincoln Continental. I think Lincoln might have actually owned it.
He says he couldn't find a rental car.  Really?  Cuz there's an Avis about half a mile away.
I drive home in the grossest car I've ever been in.  Georgia asks me why I'm only using one hand.
"Some people don't take care of their things."  I'm not ashamed to sell the mechanic down the river like this.
Chris drives home from Chicago for another family emergency that's come up during the afternoon.
He brings the horrible Lincoln back to the mechanic and says, "Think again giving my wife that car to drive."
He gets them to reimburse us the labor costs.
He flys out to Germany this morning.

I'm going to my moms tomorrow so she can babysit G and I.  
And crossing my fingers we have an uneventful week ahead of us.
Come home babe.  We miss you.

Have a great weekend!  And if you feel your car surging like someone is pushing on might have gas gushing out of the bottom of it.  Pull into a Goodwill and they'll confirm it for you.  Oy!


  1. Yikes! Hope next week is better for you all!!

  2. Oh wow, this all sounds like a big hot C.F. (as I like to call it). Hopefully the week at your Mom's is better.

  3. What a pain in the patootie!! I sincerely hope next week is better for both of you!!!


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