Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Veil is Lifting......

the veil of this slump I've been in.

It all started last Wednesday.  I just felt blah.  I wasn't really feeling anything.  I don't normally crave sunshine--in fact--I love a cloudy day--but I was, and I wasn't really getting any.  I love doing projects around the house......but I didn't want to do any. I love to make up games with Georgia......but not so much last week.  I didn't even want to go to Target or TJ Maxx.  I felt cranky and a little fuzzy.  I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch Lifetime movies--but I didn't even really want to do that.  I tried one day for about ten minutes, thinking it would calm me down. But all the crying, stalking, running, anorexia, affair-having, and kidnapping just weren't doing the trick.

And all this 'being in a slump' was unfortunate timing because I had this crazy week on the horizon of Mom Colored Glasses stuff, friend stuff, random appointments, work, and life. So I had to rally.

And I suppose I did.  But I kind of feel like I rallied in the wrong order.  All the 'things' were on the list from numbers 1-20 and then I started plugging in time with Georgia and Chris.  And I find that when I do that, all that rallying doesn't really get me into the frame of mind that I thought it would.  I just feel tired and on-edge and a little more cranky than I felt initially.

Rallying in the right order is key.  It always needs to start with the people.  And the ones you love the most and that mean the most at the end of the day.  Because I'll tell you what.......rolling around on the floor with Georgia for an hour giggling uncontrollably makes me feel a whole lot more accomplished than ticking off eight things on my to-do list that have nothing to do with her.  Nothing is more centering, calming, re-calibrating, and refreshing than kissing those cheeks over and over.

So today...........after I got home from work we went outside.  It's February but feels like a crisp April night here in Michigan so we stayed there.....until the end......or rather until we headed out to meet daddy for some mediocre Italian fast-food.......and when we got home.....we danced.

And those three hours were the antidote I needed at the end of an over-scheduled, over-committed, over-yessed, and over-'it's all about me,' week.  I'm hoping to major on Georgia and Chris time this weekend and less on the other stuff.

How will you rally?

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  1. : ) LOVE the boots picture and the one of G jumping : ) I miss you guys!! I need to come over soon!


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