Thursday, June 18, 2015

When people love your kids…...

Crosby's adoption finalization was yesterday!  And it was as amazing a day as Georgia's was five and a half years ago.  And not because we could breathe a huge sigh of relief that he would forever be our son, he was our little boy the moment we met him in the hospital, but because celebrations of family and friends and support and excitement and love are always a good idea no matter the occasion; adoption finalization's, open houses, weddings, anniversaries, and all the in between.  When you love your family, and you love your friends, and they love your kids--celebrate it!

It's a pretty fantastic day when over fifty six of your friends and family come downtown with you and fill up the back of a court room and the judge proclaims with a huge smile on his face, "that this is one of the biggest finalization hearings he's ever presided over and it's going to make his day." And to hear those friends and that family each talk about Crosby and how amazing he is and how important family is really can't be beat (either can fantastic family court judges who know how to make these days special).

Georgia has been looking forward to this day for a few months now and for her to be able to experience a finalization as a six year old and have it be something she'll remember was so important to us.  She asked numerous times, "Is this what mine was like?  All these people?  All this fun?"

Sure was little girl.  Sure was.

The judge gave Georgia an official 'big sister' certificate, signed it, and presented it to her.  She walked so confidently and so proud up to his stand.  Didn't even give it a second thought, which for my introvert girl, means it was a pretty awesome thing to get and she wasn't letting the moment pass.

Adoption is this wonderfully intricate, emotional, life-changing, soul stretching, eye-opening, sacrificial,  and sacred thing…..and that's putting it so lightly.  Our social worker said in court that she loves to watch how we love our kids and how we love their biological parents and desire so much to have them a part of our lives--and that made me cry the most.  Because it's so true.  Without their amazing birth parents we wouldn't have our kids, we wouldn't be who we are today, we wouldn't know that there are never too many people to love a baby, and we wouldn't know how fear of the unknown could be conquered in such a powerful way. 

So we absolutely celebrate our adoption finalization's.  
Because loving your family always deserves to be celebrated.  
And letting your kids see how many people support them, love them, and cheer for them is a such an incredible gift!   

So Chris and I thank everyone who came downtown with us yesterday and back to our house afterwards.  Your love of our kids is something so incredibly special to us and your support of adoption--every part of it--is inspirational, encouraging, and affirming.  Love you, Love you!

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