Saturday, June 6, 2015

This & That, That & This. It's the weekend!

This is a hauntingly beautiful story and the photographer in me is so moved by this.  Make sure to watch the clip at the end.

COULD NOT LOVE THIS ARTICLE MORE.  I'm so sick of the "Raise Kids Like the 70's" posts, and "If only it were 1892," parenting mantras.  I'll just be over here continuing to hover and being just fine with it thank you very much.

Thinking about getting one of these for Georgia to make her own summer scrap-book…through her eyes.  If you have one--do you love it?

This made me cry this week. 

Boom.  The first one about walnuts is spot on.  I know, I know….language.  But Anna Kendrick is hilarious. Keep reading.  

Because I know you need another way to print your IG photos.  But seriously--these are rad

Some of my favorite baby board books are on BB this week--super great addition to a baby shower gift.  We have the Huck Finn & Alice in Wonderland Version.

This is $22 and it's striped.  So, there's that. 

Crosby's shorts with suspenders from our family photos that I've had some people ask me about.  

What's that?  I should post some more family pics?  Oooooookay.

Happy Weekend to you!!!  I have some DIY posts I'm working on--but gold leaf--it's kind of a butt kicker so it's taking me a while.  

Georgia has three more days of school and then it's officially summer for us!!

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