Sunday, June 14, 2015

Those Boys.

When I first started shopping for Crosby--because we owned nothing for a little boy when we brought him home from the hospital--I was convinced that baby boy clothes designers were for sure at the bottom of their class in design school.  When I say nothing--please know--there is no exaggeration in that statement.  When your first kid is the first grand-child and a girl…..there is no gender neutral about anything you get.  But uh--frogs, and trucks, and paw prints, and monkeys abound in the boys departments and right across the aisle you'll find super great things for little girls by the same brand. But I know--we all know that.  Someone told me--you're good at the Internet--just wait--soon you'll love shopping for little boys.  

And you know what?  I totally do.  There really is some great stuff out there if you know where to look.  But that's the problem sometimes--these great little pieces exist in independent web or Instagram shops and they don't make themselves super well known--they're like a jewel to be mined.  I mined some for you.  Some obscure--some more well known.  Crosby owns a lot of these pieces and I've learned through the years, that just like adult clothes, the better they are, the longer they last.  Stains come out of them easier, they look better after a trillion washings, they hold their shape, they feel better because the fabric is higher quality, they don't shrink, they don't wrinkle up, and they are more versatile.  So sometimes…it's really worth it and you'll save some money in the long-run because you aren't replacing things as quickly--and you can sell them for more money at consignment.  

Happy shopping and happy Tuesday!  Big day for us tomorrow--adoption finalization day.  I'll post some pics later on this week! 

Moccs--watch for good sales.  But really the only baby shoes you'll ever need. 
Striped beanie--all season in my opinion.
Rags to Raches Geo Star Mint Romper. 
Grey diamond sleeveless hoodie.
Real tiger tank.  Love this whimsy.
Patch pocket tank body suit.  I can't get enough of baby boy tank tops. The arm rolls/'muscles."
Color block cardigan.  Mr. Rogers-esque and great for chilly summer nights.  

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