Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chris. Georgia & Crosby's Dad.

We've got two kiddos this year for Father's Day!  Two!  Two babies who are lucky to have this guy as their dad.  A little girl and a little boy who light up when their dad walks into a room.

When I married Chris almost fifteen years ago I knew I loved him and we were together forever--the best feeling.  And then, nine years in, Georgia was born and this new layer of who we were and who we were to each other was peeled back.

Parenting is hard to do together….and easier.  And through all those nit-picky conversations that sound like, "why didn't you remember to bring her blanket-you always forget that kind of stuff, why are you holding him like that--it's not helping, I really need you to put the laundry away in the drawers--otherwise it just gets all messed up and I can't--I just can't, and I need ten minutes alone--like really alone….can you give me that?," there are more conversations that sound like………….

"you should have seen her face when you told her you'd make something else with her in the easy bake oven---so great!"

"You show her everyday how she should be treated by someone one day…..I love that."  

"Oh my word--his giggle around you is amazing."

"I loved watching you guys out there today--you make her brave."

"He sits with you so peacefully--like he just knows--he's where he wants to be."

"She loves you babe….she's so crazy about you."

"Seeing him in your arms…..and he's so little….I just feel so much peace when I see that."

I feel humbled on a regular basis that I have the honor to parent our children with you Chris.  You make me laugh at the end of the day when laughter seems 1,000 miles away.  You step in to give me a breather when I need it most.  You are patient when I am insane.  You instill confidence when I feel like the last shred of it has been stripped away.  And you are committed to making this house the most incredible home for our kids.  A place where they feel safe, loved, confident, taken care of, free to be themselves, creative, listened to, allowed to make mistakes, and ultimately….where they want to be.

And I love you everyday for that.
You are the greatest and most perfect dad for us.

Love you forever.

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