Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One sec.....


Let me finish these dishes.
Let me quick send this e-mail.
Let me throw this load of laundry in the dryer.
Let me sweep the kitchen floor really fast.
Let me go pop this in the mailbox.
Let me bring these upstairs.
Let me make my bed.
Let me get dinner started.
Let me grab a fast shower.
Let me give daddy a call a minute.
Let me have a conversation with the neighbor.
Let me write these last two checks.
Let me read this article.
Let me watch this news-story.
Let me dust the dresser.
Let me empty the dishwasher.


I hate that.  I hate that little phrase, "One sec.....let me_______________."
I hate it. Not because kids don't need to learn to wait; there are legitimate things to be done and kids need to see us doing them, and even help.  I hate it because when I hear it come back at me out of my four year olds mouth I know it's because she might hear it just a little bit too much.  And she might hear it about things that don't need to get done right now or she might hear it too many times in row, breaking my promise of that word just--as if one thing is all I'm going to do before I watch her do a pirouette, help her dress her baby, button her dress up dress, straighten her socks, read her a book, draw with her, dance to Fresh Beat Band, give her doll a bath, or build a fort.

So on that note...........
I'm going on a little blogging vacation until April 8th or so.  I'm hoping to say a lot of things like,

Let me take a walk with you.
Let me do a craft with you.
Let me paint your toe-nails.
Let me play chase with you.
Let me eat ice-cream with you.
Let me watch that show with you.
Let me join your tea party.
Let me show you how to use that cookie cutter.
Let me paint a picture at your table with you.
Let me tell you a story from when I was a little girl.

Let me.......just be with you.

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