Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Four! Seriously....Four Years Old!

Georgia asked to see a picture of herself when she was "just a little bitty baby born in the hospital" today.  We flipped through a few pages of our first picture book that she's a part of and it is just mind-blowing to me to look at those pictures of four extremely short years ago and know that the girl I am in those pictures and the baby that she was in those pictures would become the people we are today; so completely transformed, and much better because of Georgia.

I interviewed Georgia today and asked her a few questions about being four and what we should remember about her as she says good-bye to three.

And the video was really cute.  And I've been trying for the last hour to get Vimeo and Flickr and even You Tube to upload it and neither one will cooperate.  I've spoken nicely to the computer screen and not so nicely.  It's not responding to either.  I've done the same thing I always do to upload videos to no avail. So, I'm giving up on the video.

I knew vlogging wasn't in the cards for me.

We celebrated the big four on Saturday with a Peter Pan birthday party.  I gotta be honest....I ignored my camera for most of the afternoon and just talked and laughed and watched Georgia without a Canon in my face.  Sometimes that's kind of a relief to give yourself permission to  I took enough pictures to fill up the birthday page in the photo album for 2013...but that's it.  Here's a few......

One of my favorite Pinterest ideas ever....Buy one of those Little Golden books that cost about $4 (the cardboard covered ones).  They come in just about every little kid birthday theme under the rainbow.  Make a banner out of the pages!  So incredibly easy and tells a great story!

I made the cake.  From a box.  And added some almond extract to rock it out.  Oh, and I burned one of the layers.  Thankfully, in retrospect, a four layer cake would have been crazy and I'm going to say it burned itself (even though I put it on the bottom rack and I guess that's a no-no).  The alligator cookies; a woman I work with made them. So cute!

The three of us with Tarah & her mom Sharon. 

Georgia really was having a good time. I think she was all, "Mom....I thought we were going to cut back on the camera this time."

Thankfully, my camera snapped this keeper.  Georgia & Tarah.

And just a few we grabbed with phones.........

And today........a new year......the first picture of myself with my brand new big four year old.  Gulp.


  1. Happy birthday Georgia!! I love the picture of her and Tarah. Also love that Tarah is involved and present for these kinds of things.

  2. This is so awesome! My daughter is turning four this summer and we're thinking an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter party. The alligator cookies are just too awesome for words.

  3. for not having a camera with you, you got some great shots!! the caption cloud on the family pic is hilarious. i also love that she has a peter pan doll...i see that in my future. i did not see the book banner idea on!! as always, what a creative birthday! here's to year 4!

  4. This party is so sweet! Just the right amount of cute + laid back (loved the clock by the gator cookies!). P.S. I love your yellow tea kettle.


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