Thursday, March 7, 2013

Triangle & Arrow Stuff

Quenching my need to shop online but not actually buy anything, I bring you another round of nine things.  I consider these montages a goodwill initiative as well--I mean...if anyone is ever wondering what to buy me as a present.....hello?

Arrows and triangles are pretty much everywhere right now and I love their simplicity and modern feel.  I bring you my nine favorite arrow and triangle things..........
at least right now.

1.  Little Boogaweezin leggings for kiddos!  Love these, love these, love these and I wish they came in adult sizes.
2.  Candy Kirby......I found this amazing lady on Instagram and have been dreaming of cuddling up in her blankets ever since. 
3.  Chicwish never disappoints.  Pretty sure I could make this sweater a staple for the next few months. Pretty sure. 
4.  Not shocking--but Target carries this triangle awesomeness.  And it matches my living room. 
5.  I own the turquoise version of this garland.....and it's pretty adorable.  The yellow one might not be far behind. 
6. Have you registered for Brickyard Buffalo yet?  It's like Groop Dealz, but with good stuff, that doesn't break, and isn't 100x smaller than it looked in the picture.  And right now, they have these pillow covers.  And I like them a lot.
7. This beauty is about to kick a stretched out Otterbox to the curb.
8. I was thankful for the invite to a Stella and Dot jewelry party last week in the new hood.  Usually I feel like I have to force myself into picking out the cheapest, most acceptable thing in those home party catalogs--but this little bracelet--I knew it was there and I was happy to bring it home.
9. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, JC Penney, really delivers.  My sister and I were actually talking a few weeks ago about how they might just be one of the best kept secrets.  I believe this pendant light possibly proves this theory.  


  1. Ah! I love that bracelet!! Except I never bracelets because I find them irritating on my wrist..... ;)

  2. Ooh I love 2, 3, and 4 as well. Gah I love shopping!!


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