Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break {My favorite}

There pretty much isn't any other time of the year that I love going on vacation as much as spring break.   There's something liberating about escaping a too long winter here in Michigan to someplace sandy, warm, salty, and that makes my hair as big as Monica Gellar's in Barbados.  (YouTube that bad boy if you haven't seen it already).

We went back to Destin, Florida this year.  An easy-ish drive (minus the never-ending flat and brown state of Indiana) with kids and such a beautiful part of Florida.  Our amazing friends came with us this year and that whole "taking a gamble on vacationing with friends and hoping they're still your friends when you return" thing paid off in we knew it would.  We had SO MUCH fun!  Too much fun to put in words.....................

And the video that didn't make the montage cut..............

My friend Rachel being serenaded by the bakery boy at Publix.  He offered to sing her a song if she'd buy an Apple Pie.  I think he thought we were Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson in disguise and we'd be whipping out a golden ticket to Hollywod if we deemed him good enough.

Paula and Randy we are not.
The pie was good though.
Not as good as the vacation though.

Tonight, I'm so aware of how fantastic it is to have such great friends and am thankful for the irreplaceable week we got to spend together.

Thanks Hammonds!  Cheers to Ariel Dunes 610.


  1. heavens. i'm totally crying over here...we had an amazing...amazing...time.

  2. Indiana is one long, boring drive. I dislike having to go there for any reason.

    Dude, your vacay looks awesome! Glad you had such a great time.

  3. love this maggie! looks like a simply wonderful trip! can't lie, i may have teared up a bit...something about pictures being put to music. oh, and isla kept saying, "that's my georgia!"!


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