Friday, August 10, 2012

About to be M.I.A......

I'm headed up to the Great North tomorrow--and by that I mean Traverse City, Michigan.  My week will be spent laying in the sun, eating, shopping, playing in the lake, eating, trips to historic Leland (go--if you're ever in up north Michigan), eating, huffing it up Sleeping Bear Dunes, rabid games of Dutch Blitz (never heard of it?  check it out), eating, walks to little general stores for ice-cream, fishing, eating, and some more eating.  I'm hoping to put on about ten pounds.

Oh.....but I'll also be bringing my running shoes!  No worries--I won't fall off that band wagon.

So, I'll catch back up with everyone when I get back in a week.  I'll be guest posting however on Thursday over at Raising Humans so you can check me out over there if you'd like!

Have a great week.

I'm out.


Here's two of my favorite pictures from this week too--Georgia agreed to model some clothes for a Mom Colored Glasses post and she was a trooper.  It was raining, she was cold, and she was a three year old trying her hardest to hold this umbrella in gusting wind.  She just kept saying, "I'm trying really hard to be a good model mommy.  I promise."  It about broke my heart.  So we came inside and ate cookies.


  1. Have a great vacation :)

  2. Have a great vacation! We're headed up to Wisconsin to the Yogi Bear Campground ourselves. Hoping the weather is gorgeous up there since they have a splash park and water slides and stuff.

    I LOVE that dress Georgia is wearing. So, so pretty!

    1. Thank you! My husband used to work at a Yogi Bear Campground in high school. He had to be Yogi! Have a great time!

  3. Oh man, I love Dutch Blitz! Have a great trip!

  4. Have a great vacation, and what an adorable model!

  5. Have a great vacation! Tell Georgia she was a perfect model for mommy! She's beautiful!


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