Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At midnight.....

I forget about the drama that ensued first thing in the morning about trying to go to the bathroom.

I don't remember that you spilled pulverized corn flakes all over the couch.

I acquire amnesia regarding the incessant begging for "just one more show."

I am blind to the fact that you drug more sticks and leaves into my car when you thought I didn't see you doing it.

I vow to play Rapunzel for as long you want tomorrow......and I'll even say all of the lines I'm supposed to exactly how you want me to.  (Just can't agree to this--it makes me want to gouge my eyes out) Moving on.........

I can't wait until tomorrow because I will laugh when you put chopsticks in your mouth and say, "Look....I'm a walrus," fifty times.

I have a hard time recollecting why it was a problem that you wanted to wear your ratty and unraveling Aurora dress to the grocery store.

I look forward to reading you Lion King--the longest book the library has to offer--because you love it.

I wonder how you will amaze me tomorrow with some crystal clear memory of something that happened to you a year ago.

I miss hearing the sound-track from Tangled, that has become the sound-track of our life.

I pick up one thousand pieces of cut up paper from around your craft table and smile, knowing I'll have get to do it all over again tomorrow.

I find two more hidden clips that you've buried in my hair.

I make sure that your green scissors are right where they are supposed to be so there is no panic in the morning if we can't find them.

I fold fifty pairs of Ariel and Dora underwear and make sure the Ariel ones are on top because they're your favorite.

I check on you in bed for the twentieth time and hold your little smooth hand and kiss it.

I feel lucky that I have the chance at a brand new day with you and the opportunity to love you a little more than I loved you today.  

Love you Georgia---

Your Mama--who should make going to bed before midnight more of a habit.  And who needed to write down all of the things I feel right before I go to bed after a hard day like today.  All those 'hard things' seem to dissolve,  and all I remember is how excited I am to see you in the morning every midnight.


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Thank you, Thank you!


  1. we had one of those extremely rough days today. I should really write a list like this tonight.

    I feel the same about lego's sometimes as you feel about repunzel!

  2. I love, love, love this post. It perfectly expresses how we fall in love with our children every single day.

  3. This is pretty much how I feel every night. Sometimes I sneak into his room and just stare and wish he'd wake up so I could pull him into my arms for a snuggle. :-)

    Totally voted for your blog!

  4. So sweet...amazing how all the hard parts of the day melt away once you watch them sleeping...:)

  5. Love kids! the sweety little girl!


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