Monday, April 30, 2012

On Weekend Things......

We started the weekend off on a high-note.  We put clean sheets on our beds.  And to Georgia this household chore is an excuse to swing from the rafters and shout rock n'roll with her finger in the air.  I kid you not.  She did that right before I shot the picture below.  I have no idea how she even knows  to do that.  We haven't played guitar hero in ages--probably not since before she was born and we stopped letting her watch KISS concerts on On Demand so I'm really lost.  But this girl sees me start peeling the sheets off the bed and she is up there dancing like a dervish in five seconds flat.  It's uncanny.  It's like she sees a naked bed as an open stage, ripe for some new talent.  

We encountered a hiccup in weekend fun when we decided we really had to do this.  'This' entailed bringing our cat, Sparrow, to the vets to be put down.  We've struggled with this decision for months and it was just time.  But explaining where he's going in three year old appropriate language is never easy.  For now she seems okay with everything.  For now.  We've decided that we'll probably bring a new kitten home at the end of the summer and I'm assuming that will bring up a whole new crop of questions regarding why Sparrow is officially being replaced. Big sigh.  I'll worry about that later.

But on to happier things.  Georgia and I went downtown on Saturday afternoon to take in a Civic Theatre (I love to write THEATRE with an RE--feels so proper) production of Pinkalicious.  One of my least favorite children's books--does she really need to be so bratty, foot stomps and all?--but I'll say....the play was way more up my alley than the books.  I thought it was adorable and our little theatRE did an awesome job.....complete with delicious pink cupcakes to eat at intermission.

The smart people buy their cupcakes before the show.....keep them safe in a box......and then don't have to wait in line at intermission for a cupcake.  For once, I was that smart mom.

This little purse is a new staple.  It accompanies us everywhere and holds important things like one card from a strawberry shortcake memory game (good luck to whoever tries to play that memory game), a tube of lip smackers Cinderella glitter lip gloss, some skewered marshmallows from a LaLaLoopsey doll, and a Penne noodle necklace--just the essentials.

See that lady playing the doctor up there?  She's really my doctor.  It's always interesting to see someone you're used to sharing your most embarrassing medical problems with who plays the "I'm a serious doctor" role quite well, sashaying around a stage singing falsetto.  A little bit of that might have helped lighten the mood during all those infertile years.  She really is an amazing lady--and the most easy-to-laugh and crack a joke doctor I've ever encountered.

Waiting in line to get one more intermission.  And here I was so smart.

She loves to pay for stuff.  If only it was really her own money huh?

Please notice that little dollop of frosting on her nose.  I love that.

And from there Chris and I had a night out.
Here's Chris twenty minutes before the sitter arrived.

And Chris at the end our night looking for new fishing poles.  Dates have come a long way in twelve years.

But........he's still the only guy I'd want to hang out in MC Sports with and take paparazzi pictures of fishing pole perusing with.

Sunday......we returned to the Renucci House, a third time, to serve dinner with our small group from church.  And I've said it before, but I love doing this.  I love it for the sense of community it builds; both for me and for my daughter.  I love watching her play with our other small group kids; fourteen total, of all ages, all of them running around and laughing and playing tag in little courtyards and decorating cards for the people that will come and eat dinner.  I love that she can be a part of this.  I think community service projects are that much better when our kids can do them too.  And kids might make the projects a little more hectic, complicated, and necessitate more vigilance........but it's 200% worth it to me.  Because even though she might not know exactly what we're doing as a three year old, helping people together is becoming part of her every-day--it's just something we do.  That's worth so much.

Getting ready to decorate some cards for the people staying at Renucci House.

Anna.  This girl is a favorite amongst the little kids.  She is amazing and Georgia worships the ground she walks on.

Just a few of the kids....we're missing the big kids here.

And of course....where kids are gathered and there is just the smallest bit of open space available a tag game will ensue.  I think Georgia ran about two miles total up and down this little courtyard that was fifty feet long.

Rachel, Deb, and Lianne in the kitchen.

Grilling chicken for about fifty people plus our crew.

I'm thankful for weekend things.  I'm thankful for Sunday nights when I am exhausted and actually look forward to Monday because it will feel like a day off.  I'm thankful.


  1. Second the thought about Mondays feeling like a day off...especially with the rain. :)

  2. Your date totally sounds like a date my husband and I would go on. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I looooove the last picture.

  3. I love the bed jumping pictures! B does the exact same thing when we change sheets, which makes me think I should probably do that tonight, ha ha! Love the small group pics and the service project. We led a small group for the last two years and needed to take a break from it this past year. I really miss it! Sorry about your kitty ;(. Heartbreaking!


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