Friday, March 30, 2012

Out for blood.....

yeah, that's how I describe all of you who can't be satisfied with my For Real Friday's that "aren't gross enough."  People!  You would have done well in a Roman coliseum watching people fight with lions and thinking it wasn't gory enough.  You would have been the ones screaming....'let's add some bears into the mix too.'

I can't please you!

But......never one to be called a quitter (actually that's not true--I'm okay with being a quitter--I've quit a lot of things) I'll keep trying to impress you. However, I will admit--it's been a long week so this is definitely sub par effort and I'll claim that.  "A" for effort though that I thought to snap this picture a few days ago, right?

I actually thought about pulling my stove out to clean behind it (I've never done it once since we moved in eight years ago) and show you the remnants but then I thought, "Nah.....I bet a lot of people never clean behind their stove--that won't pass."

I thought about showing you the mop after I scrubbed my slate kitchen floors for the first time in over a year, but seems no one mops their kitchen floors either so it wouldn't be all that impressive.  And then there's this discrepancy of what it really means to mop your floor--hands and knees, a wet mop, a swiffer.......and it goes 'round and 'round.

So instead.......

This pair of "I had an accident" (Georgia--not me) underwear laid in my shower for almost a week before I did anything about them.  And two times I moved them into my sink while I gave Georgia a bath and then put them right back into the tub when she was done.  Yep, Chris and I just showered around them and over them.  And then I figured they were clean anyway, after eight or so showers had happened in their presence, so I just let them dry out and put them back in her drawer.


But they really did lay there in all their "accident" glory for about a week before I took care of them.  Rest was just pee.  But knowing you all........that's probably not what you wanted to hear now is it?

And I'm guessing this is all a little tame for you--but please know--if you could have watched my behavior as a lazy, turn on the TV, cranky, no patience, yell about play-doh, and yearn for something to break to unleash my frustration with typical three old shenanigans you'd know what the real 'For Real Friday' was.

It's a good thing Georgia has learned how to say, "I forgive you," from me.......because it sounded nice coming out of her cute little face when I apologized to her for losing my patience and being grumpy.

Here's to a better weekend.  And some favorite pics thanks to my iPhone this week.

How great are candy aisles?

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  1. i like this one. this is legit. rotting wizz definitely counts as gross.


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