Sunday, March 25, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This weekend was it.  The Wizard of Oz party.  The culmination to months of hearing about Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man's heart, and Glinda.  Georgia turned three and we had a great time playing 'Pin the Heart on the Tin-Man,' opening a twister piñata, eating 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' cupcakes, and jumping on the trampoline (completely un-related to Oz but Georgia's birthday present that I had to work hard to convince my husband into getting.......I think he's pretty happy with it.......I think). 

So.......there's really no better way to give you a glimpse of Oz than through the hundreds of pictures we all took.......enjoy.......we sure did!

First.....rainbow cupcakes.  Super easy and pretty impressive when you break them open.  

Some pre-party jumping on the birthday's a hit!

All the goodies.......rainbow cupcakes, rainbow fruit skewers.......

beautiful Wizard of Oz rings...........

Toto in his basket...........

and the cupcakes again, because I was pretty happy with how they turned out...........

and my mom made ruby slipper sugar cookies for party favors............

and one more shot of the cupcakes with a poppy......because it wouldn't be a Wizard of Oz party without poppies to put us all to sleep!

Aunt Ena & G........they love each other!

Glinda & Dorothy.........don't miss Dorothy's eyes in the picture below.  This is why parents say, "If you keep doing that, you're eyes will stay like that. "

Filling the twister piñata with candy......notice the bed, and farm animals precariously wrapped up in the twister--just like the movie.....props to the husband for that idea.

Never one to break character, I didn't put my wand down even to put the candy in the piñata.  Authenticity baby.  

Emmett showed up as a flying money.  He gets first prize for 'getting in the spirit' of the party.  

Georgia says, "It's time to do the piñata."

Our piñata was a 'pull' piñata.  I found the idea in the last issue of Family Fun magazine and thought, "A-ha!, We can do a tornado piñata!" I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to deliver that request for Georgia.  I just added the crepe paper and farmyard fare to complete the look! Oh--and a bicycle for Mrs. Gulch.

Singing Happy Birthday to G.......and she got all bashful about it and buried her head in my shoulder.  I loved that.  So cute, so sweet, and so grown up of her--she's losing that total lack of inhibition that kids have as toddlers and developing a little ego.

Checking out a great Wizard of Oz necklace that Georgia's friend Emma gave to her!  

And look who came to Georgia's birthday party this year!!!  Tarah & her mom Sharon!  We love having them around and part of all the little things that make life great.....because they're pretty great.  

And they bought Georgia this fantastic, vintage Wizard of Oz toy complete with all the characters, all the important scenes from Oz and lots of trap doors and light up stuff that keeps you guessing.  Tarah said she had one as a little girl and loved it, and now Georgia has one too.......and I love that.  

Please notice Ellen's vintage Wizard of Oz's good stuff. 

Thank you so much to everyone that came yesterday and for loving our girl.  It's still hard for me to believe sometimes that I get to plan little kid birthday parties after so many years of not planning them.  And now that I have this perfect little girl, it's hard to believe this was the third one I've planned for her.  Phew.  Time.  It's always against us.  

I'm already wondering what obscure, from another era, slightly scary story Georgia will fall in love with during her third year that I'll get to plan a fourth birthday party around.  Annie Get Your Gun?  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Gone With the Wind?  or Cats?  


  1. Wow..i better start planning wy's party now....maybe you could do party planning on the side! :) You did an amazing job!

  2. WOW! I LOVE the pictures and the party Maggie! I am thinking you should consider being a party planner...I would hire you. Shoot, I want you to plan a party for me. The cupcakes are beautiful. I had no idea the photo of the food colored batter was for the cupcakes, NICE. I LOVE the little toto in the basket because he/she looks just like Lucy...a little Cavalier. When you said trampoline, I pictured a little tramp...WOW! years of fun. On hot days, try a hose and soap...tons of fun from what I hear. Well done! I can't wait to see the 4th party pictures. G looks like she has quite the personality!


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