Monday, March 12, 2012

Girls........all I really want is........ do the dishes.........

Every time I hear the word girls I instantly start singing the Beastie Boys......even if girls is followed by, "stop talking," "come here," or "you're crazy."  I just love that song--as ridiculous as it is.  

Anyway---it's completely besides the point but I was looking for a creative title for this post to describe a girls weekend away.  

I went up north this weekend with seven of my girlfriends for two nights to do...........pretty much nothing but hang out, eat, shop, watch movies, stay up really late, sleep in, put on make-up, and laugh.  I've known these girls for about ten years and it's amazing for me to look around a dinner table where we're all sitting and think about the twenty children that have been born between us (with one on the way....and four more from another friend who couldn't make it!), the dreams that have come true and the ones that haven't, the tears that we've cried for each other when life is horrible, the tears we've cried for each other when life is amazing, the crazy out of control laughing we've engaged in for no reason, the money we've spent on shopping when we're together, the showers we've thrown, and the 'being there in the trenches with each other' we've experienced for the last decade.  

And what's amazing about a group like this is even though we're all really busy and life is insane (see above for the number of children we maintain) and we're all a little different and have different things that we "do" and sometimes it's a couple months in between all being never really feels like it.  It just feels comfortable and easy and simple and.........good.  Really good.  And I feel lucky that I have a group like this........I know it's not the norm, I know it's not something to take for granted, and I know it's something that I hope my daughter will be able to experience with a group of amazing women one day. I said.....we didn't do a whole lot of productive "stuff."  Unless of course you consider eating a lot of food, putting on eyeshadow, watching Sarah Jessica Parker movies, spending money at the mall, taking a ridiculous amount of instagram pictures in a pretty much empty Mexican restaurant, reading magazines, sleeping in, and staying up until four in the morning productive.....then we were the Energizer Bunny of productivity.  

"Linda Lou's." 

In case you're we were.......what your lipstick shape says about you.....check it out here.  Deep stuff...........

This little baby's kicking more month to go!

And there's a lot more photography and video where that came from get the point!  It was a great weekend...........and you girls are pretty darn incredible!  Thanks for adopting me into your group all those years ago even though I went to that 'other' college--I feel really the most!


  1. I sooo wish I had friends like this. Sounds like such a fun, special time.

  2. love you friend :) i could have stayed another week! especially this week, we could have used the outdoor pool instead of the ski slopes! love that your articulate words can speak for all of us!


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