Friday, March 2, 2012

For Real Friday's.

I'm going with this new idea I've been rolling around for a few days.  Could be fun.

Here's the deal.  Mom blogs get a lot of flack for highlighting the best parts of a day, week, month, life.  People complain that whoever the blogger is only lets the world see the best parts of their house, their appearance, their kids, their husbands, their pets, and on and on and on.  

Uh, yeah.  Is that so hard to understand?  
And I stand firmly on the belief that doing so helps me appreciate what I have amidst the tough days, messy kitchens, naughty toddler, puking cat, hairy bathroom floors, and a bathtub full of peed on Dora underwear.  I have never assumed that "those" mom bloggers who paint a pretty picture really live in that beautiful world all the time........and what they choose to put out there for public consumption is generally just fine with me.  

But........sure........on occasion I might feel like I should buy a new top, invest in something new for the house, get Georgia something more original to wear than her Carter's shirt, play with her one-on-one twenty hours a day, and get a facial after reading various blogs.  It's a fleeting feeling, but it's there sometimes.  And really, I'm a pretty neat and tidy person--I'm not ashamed to admit that--I like clean stuff and my house usually reflects that.  But of course there are hidden corners of every house, really bad hair or skin days, a temper tantrum, or a destroyed kitchen that are frequently absent from a blog post so................

here's what I'm going to do on "For Real Friday's,"...........

I'll post the most recent picture of that For Real thing going on in my house, on my head, on my face, with my kid, in my laundry room, and in my fridge--you get the point.  You can laugh, commiserate, feel better about yourself, feel disdain for me, or whatever you need.  

I'm a little scared.  I mean, there is this amazing facade I've worked so hard to build of my perfect existence (ha!) and now it's going to crumble.  The mystique will be gone (whatever).  

So to start..................
I'm actually going to give you a know........that whole "hit the ground running thing?"

It's about 8:45 a.m. here (this morning) and Georgia is watching a movie--The Wizard of Oz--for the third time since I purchased it from On Demand two days ago.  Getting up and watching a movie--that's what it's all about.  I hate myself for this picture.

Here's what Georgia ate for  Target popcorn.  Packed with protein and vitamins.

My laundry--taken about half n'hour ago.  And it's been laying there like that for about a week.   Oh--and moments before this was taken Georgia was jumping in it.

And just for fun--the closet where I keep house decor stuff.  It's one fake flower arrangement away from an episode of hoarders.  There is literally no room to walk into this closet......not at all.

I guess it's three cheers for........honesty?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Real moms aren't perfect, and neither are our houses :)

  2. Love the fact you are being so real.

  3. I KNEW IT, you messy girl!!!! Just kidding...good for you and thanks for making me realize I'm not that far off from others...

  4. This is fantastic!


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