Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is the stuff......

You know how there are moments about being a parent that you wait for........
Not that you don't enjoy the moment that you happen to be in.......but there are those things you just can't wait to be able to do with your kid.

Playing in a sprinkler.
Eating ice-cream.
Going on a bike ride.
Taking her to the zoo.
Going to a water park.
Making cookies.
Going trick-or-treating.
Building a tent in the living room out of couch cushions.
Jumping on the bed. 
Showing her the ocean for the first time.

The lists are endless.  And checking them off is so satisfying because as you do you're building memories, strengthening your bond, and building up the foundation that makes you a family.  

Yesterday we finished our name-cards for Thanksgiving dinner.  We painted clothespins, traced our hands, glued feathers, and listened to Christmas music.  Georgia had strong opinions about what colored feathers should go where, what the clothespins should look like, how the paint should be applied, and the criteria keeps going.  

But.......we were doing a real project, with paint and glue and feathers.  I didn't have to really lord over her to make sure she was doing it right, I wasn't really in a panic about something getting ruined, because she really got it.  She got it and had fun doing a grown up project.  I watched her little fingers hover over pink and blue feathers, trying to decide which one to use.  I watched her little face get serious as she deliberated over which water color paint to use next and she was proud of her finished turkey's when we were all done.  

Doing little projects.....real one of those things I couldn't wait to do with Georgia.  It feels fantastic.  We'll be doing it lots!


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