Thursday, November 10, 2011


It was a rainy, windy, blustery, house shaking kind of day here in Michigan yesterday.  My favorite kind of day, and I couldn't be more serious.  It's days like this that make me feel content, at peace, cozy, like I have what I need, and still.  Still and simple days are good for the soul.

We were shut-ins yesterday and the peach,  and it was perfect.  We got a bit of Christmas decorating under-way; the kind that makes a little girl excited for the holidays and that makes a mom want to keep that little girls life as simple as possible for as long as possible.

Many kids lives aren't simple enough. They know too much, they've lived through too much, they want too much, and they are exposed to too much.  After having taught middle school for a decade I've decided that the less a kid knows, the more naive they are, the more simple their life is--the better.

America grows their kids up too fast.  Let's get back to being simple.  Simple days at home playing with a little fake Christmas tree and oohing and ahhing over little fake gingerbread cookie ornaments, tiny knitted mittens, and miniature Santa Claus ornaments.

Life is easier---when we work at keeping it simple.


  1. Sweet post. It made me want to get my christmas decorations out! Let the season begin :)

  2. Simple days are my favorite kind of days. They remind me to relax and take in the scenery, not having to go 100mph all the time.

  3. I'm a new follower from dailypolkadots! I really want to decorate but my husband isn't on board yet!

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