Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I do.

This is a quick and dirty little post about the things that I do on a pretty regular basis.  Now........I don't expect you to "get" all of these.  Some (okay many) are to satisfy my deep rooted psychosis and first born, type A, super annoying personality.  Maybe you'll relate to some of them.  However, I'd probably think you were a cooler person if you didn't.

(Oh.....and stay tuned tomorrow for "Things I Don't Do.")


1.  Check my e-mail before I get out of bed in the morning-- (cringe).

2.  NEVER take a shower without having already brushed my teeth.

3.  Watch the Today show on the days I don't work even though it's not "real" news.....and I love every second of it.

4.  Dust almost every day--the only solution to this would be to get rid of all flat surfaces in my house (this dusting obsession has padded cell written all over it--especially since when I'm doing it, it's being done out of anger).

5.  Take at least 20-30 pictures every single day, either with my iPhone or with my camera.

6.  (try really hard to) Only listen to kids music while driving around in the car with Georgia--she is very attuned to music and picks up everything.

7.  Love to listen to my daughter pray before meals.  She asks to do it and I think it's the best to listen to her little brain work! She thanks Cheez-its (that's what it sounds like when she says Jesus) for her grapes, her hummus, her cranberry juice, her applesauce, her bib, and her mommy. 

8.  Turn off the TV around ten a.m. and don't turn it back on until Georgia goes to bed in the evening (this is a huge accomplishment for me since I love TV--and I'm very proud of it, so I'm going to brag about it).

9.  Read at least five books to Georgia every day.

10.  Drink about five or six cups of tea each day (who's becoming her mother? holla.)

11. Let Georgia jump on the bed and play with my phone.........you know what they say about battles.

12.  Plan my meals on a calendar so I (kind of) don't waste money at the grocery store.

13.  Eat Cheez-Its (no connection to #7) everyday.....my husband and I are obsessed--and we probably consume about five boxes a month (and we're talking the family size boxes people).

14. Wear mascara everyday..... even if I'm sick with the flu.... (well--that might be stretching it.......but I love mascara.....and you should too).

15. Watch movies on Lifetime if my husband is feeling really charitable.

16.  Place a huge importance on eating dinner together as a family, and become irritatingly unreasonable if Chris is running late.

17.  Don't remember the last time I went to bed without washing my face........If I could have a wish from a genie it'd be for better skin.

18.Pray with my daughter before bed every night.........and if I forget..............she reminds me.  So great!

19.  Dance to "On the Edge of Glory" every evening before Georgia goes to bed.......it's our routine and sista' isn't letting anyone forget that "it's time to dance crazy!"

20.  Scrub the top of my stove at least twice a day (whoever told me not to buy a black stove-top was righter than right and I should have listened............go figure...........it was my mom).

21.  Get giddy when I hear the mail truck round the corner onto my street! (Seriously--who doesn't love getting the mail.........even when it's filled with my tenth Victoria's Secret catalog that week, free return address labels from the Humane Society, and a timeshare offer?)

22.  Keep a list of things to write about on my phone................it's getting long and sometimes when looking back I have no idea what I meant--Oreos and Babies?, iPods and Pledge?  Really--maybe these were typed after my Lunesta was kicking in.

23.  Throw everything away.  I can't stand random trash (old envelopes, receipts, paycheck stubs, wrappers, plastic bags, little pieces of whatever, random bobby pins, etc.) laying around---therefore I throw it away.  And even stuff that I should save because it's important--I throw it away.  C to the RAZY I'm tellin' you.

24. I weigh myself.  I know............you're not supposed to.  Baloney.  It's the best maintain your weight, lose weight, pretend like you're trying to lose weight, decide not to eat french fries but then do anyway, method there is. 

25.  Ask my daughter if I can bite her cheeks.  Just one bite is all I need I tell her.  She always rejects me.  Always. 

Yep.  That's it.  Crazy me.  And truth be told--I only did this because I wanted to do a Things I Don't Do post and felt like this would round out my self-deprecation that is coming tomorrow nicely. 

See you then!


  1. I love this post! So refreshing. Thank you!
    - tripstravel.wordpress.com -

  2. found you on NaBloPoMo! Super cool post. I do #1 too. (cringe) Helps me wake up. Tears me out of dreamland to reality. Not always good. LOL>

  3. I love this post!!!! And I love that you dance before bedtime. And I always brush my teeth right AFTER the shower. I love hearing about the little parts of people's days that make them special :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, and I'm glad to have found yours!

  4. Glad to hear from all of you--makes me feel a little less.....ridiculous!

  5. #4, 5, & 8 are most impressive to me...you are totally awesome :) I might have to steal your post idea though...how fun! :) Love the new look too...

  6. I'm with you on the mascara - I've not left the house without it since 1996.- Danielle


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