Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Uncommon Goods = Uncommon Gifts

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods but all opinions are my own.  

The month of March for us kicks off almost four months of one gift-giving event after another.  We've got at least three birthdays in March, then comes Easter basket season (and I'm always game for two or three cute, creative gifts for Easter baskets and not just candy), my moms birthday, Mother's Day, more birthdays, inevitably a few babies born, and then Father's Day book-ends this season of gifting.  I feel like I hit a wall around mid April and my creative juices run dry in terms of what to get for the next gift that makes me excited about giving it.

Except--there's this great company called Uncommon Goods that provides just that….'uncommon' gifts that you can't find just anywhere and that will make just about anybody happy to unwrap what you've given them! And they make it pretty easy to narrow down what you're looking for with their pre-made gifts lists like birthday ideas categorized by gender and age or personalized gifts or gifts by price and on and on.

Additionally, I really love the idea of supporting stores that give back in some way, make the world a little better, and work hard to be sustainable in a variety of ways without sacrificing creativity, trendiness, or aesthetic appeal.  So the cool thing about Uncommon Goods is that they let you choose which nonprofit organization, out of four that they support, you'd like them to donate a $1 to for every purchase you make.  I love that!  Everyone will feel a tug in a bit of a different direction when it comes to supporting a cause and I think it's fantastic that they give some autonomy to their customer in that regard.

So, in preparation for all the gifts I have to purchase coming up I've highlighted a few of my favorites…..and by 'my' favorites, I mean I like them as much for me as I do other people.

This personalized gold birch cuff is amazing!  I love that little heart detail.  Perfect for Mother's Day this year!

Also fantastic in the personalized gift category is this book about becoming a big sister.  (They have a big brother one too.) I know a little girl who qualifies as a super big sister that would like this book.

These earrings look like they could easily become an everyday staple piece. They're small, go with anything, and just unique enough that you won't get sick of wearing them six out of seven days of the week.

So, I know…kind of strange to give someone a stuffed heart as a present but here's the thing…Georgia is obsessed with the human body as a result of science class this year so I love the educational value of this toy and I think a heart would be a cute present for someone you love, and where are you going to find something like this other than at Uncommon Goods?

With patio season soon to be upon us a set of cool new drink glasses would be a great gift for someone and these mixed tape glasses that you can write peoples names on with a grease pencil (included) are so fun.

So My Story Begins….I actually own this onesie for Crosby and I can't think of a better new-babygift.

This USA map that you can rub off state by state with a coin as you visit each one is so perfect for kids and adults!  Georgia would think this was fantastic.  She makes me proud that she loves geography so much.  She must have a former history teacher as a mom or something.

These coasters are just beautiful.  Mother's Day?  I think so.

Another great baby gift, or first birthday present….these foreign language blocks come in Spanish or Mandarin and teach kids some basic vocabulary and are pretty and would make your nursery look super intelligent when strewn across the floor.

And that's just nine ideas from Uncommon Goods!  Their site is bursting with more amazingness.  So, the next time you have gifting-block check them out.  I bet you'll find the perfect thing!

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