Friday, February 27, 2015

This & That.

Merry Friday from this little guy who has found his voice and loves it so much he thought we should all hear his shrieks and conversations from 3-5 a.m. this morning.  Good thing he's the cutest boy in all the land.  At least my land.  

Some good stuff to click on this weekend if you're interested…..

This weird article on Scary Mommy is kind of about adoption. Kind of not.  Just…..weird.  Love to know your thoughts.

I harbor some love for Russell Brand as fantastically strange as he is.  And he trails off a bit at the end, and I can't tell if he's wearing any clothes....but….mostly….pretty good words here.  And sure we could dissect parts of what he says and who he is, but don't lose sight of the main point.

J.Crew can always make normally ugly things look amazing like these and Target can always knock off J. Crew with 200% accuracy and a fraction of the price.

This made the rounds last week and I say 'no-way' was this not staged.  No.Way.

Georgia would give her left arm if I bought her one of these for her birthday.  It's the most sustained gift idea she's ever begged for….we're going on about a year now and I just think…….this looks like a fall down the stairs and a trip to the ER.  Talk me into it if you must.

I really liked Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, but I also really like this article and perspective on "Leaning In" from Jessica Williams.  It's freeing.  The last paragraph is the best.  Just read that if you can't get past the title.

Chris and I joined The Blacklist party late…..I know.  But….the music on the show?  Why doesn't anyone ever talk about how amazing it is...or do they and I'm oblivious?  I watch every show with Sound Hound open.  This song, this one, and this one can't be played loud enough.

Here's a cute little DIY from one of my favs.

I pre-ordered this book this week because Shauna could write ingredient labels and they'd be riveting and poignant and clever.

I need to make these soon.

Wheeeeeeeeeen will it be hot? In about four months.

Please tell me you read these weekly?  No?  You should.

I've fallen in love with Zara all over again since Crosby was born because their designers were clearly in the top of their class when it came to making little boys clothes....and women's clothes.....and little girl clothes too....and probably something for your man as well. 

Looking for an excuse to buy this bag....but I don't have one...maybe you do.

Happy weekend!  It's March on's to coming in like a lion!

And P.S. for the record….the dress is cream and gold.

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  1. Lets start off with - no its blue and black.

    The tweets made me laugh until I cried.

    As for the "not real mom" story. It sounds like its a situation in which it is not a "legal" but rather familial agreement. It speaks volumes to the benefits of social services being involved. The foster system isn't perfect but it can allow for support/guidance on child development and the need to tell a child their story. It makes me think of all the people who have said ignorant adoption things like "I could never love someone elses child" suddenly becoming adoptive parents via a family situation. When I worked as an OT in pediatrics it always amazed me how quickly foster children start calling their foster parents mom and dad. She is not a fraud for allowing her to call her Mom but rather by not telling her child her story.


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