Sunday, August 18, 2013

Check 'ya in October.

So my writing this summer?  Sparse.  And I can't stand that.  It really gets under my skin.
And unfortunately--I don't see that being remedied in the next few weeks as I'm starting a new job at my school.  Still part-time, but still busy for the first month of school.
As all first months of school in every school are crazy.
Georgia is going to be in school more this year too--the last year of pre-school; she'll go to school on the days that I work--a truly amazing arrangement.
We need to give ourselves a few weeks to adjust to the new schedule....and to just enjoy September to its fullest--as we have the summer.

So.......all that to say........I'm going to officially close up shop here for the next month and I'll be back the 1st of October.  I feel better about packing things up in a neat little box like this instead of just writing once a week......or every other week with no regularity. You'll still be able to find me over at Mom Colored Glasses or you can find me on Instagram here, because heaven knows I'll never give that up!

To all you mamas getting ready for back to school.......I know it's tough.  I hope I never wish for Georgia to go back to school.  However........that might be a tad myopic.  But for now, I'm still all smiles when she says she's going to live with me forever.

See you in my birthday month!


  1. Thanks you! I'll miss it too...I learned from someone really smart though that taking a break is a good idea sometimes. :)

  2. I will miss your blog. Learned a lot from your writings.

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    1. No worries Brenda! I'll be back! And I've already got a list of stuff swirling around in my head!


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