Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aboriginal Music Sticks DIY.

So, aboriginal clap-sticks, also known as rhythm sticks or music sticks, have been cropping up as little decorative elements in a lot of places.  You can spot them tucked into corners of living rooms in your favorite decorating magazines, in the background of pictures on Instagram of some of our favorite feeds, and here and there in between.  Some are painted and some are basically yarn-bombed--but with sewing floss.  All in all--the same idea.

And I love them.
So I made some.
Couldn't be easier.

The only tricky part is finding sticks that the bark has been worn off of.  Worn, not sanded is definitely key here.  A little bit of sanding is okay--but there is a difference in appearance on the sticks that have worn naturally and those that have been sanded down. We went on a hike the other day as a family and I found a lot of great sticks that fit the bill.  (And yes--for those that know me well--you did read that right.  A hike.  We went on a hike on same nature trails near our house.  I even wore tennis shoes--but in an uncharacteristic move didn't document it with a picture.  But I assure you--the hike happened.)  

So, in addition to your sticks you'll need a variety of acrylic paints, some brushes, and a sheet of sandpaper.

Sand the sticks ever so lightly just to get rid of any extra pieces of bark.  But no worries if you want to skip this step--so long as the bark is mostly gone to begin with.

And then?  Just start painting.  Stripes, bands of color, triangles, dots, and imperfect designs are best.

Let your kids help you with this--it's the key to a quality DIY in my book.  My daughter is more focused and engrossed in projects when we're doing them together and I think it's important to let little, little kids play with different kinds of art mediums.  Don't be afraid of the mess.  It's acrylic paint.....it will come out of most things--especially when you're outside wearing paint shirts.  She's been painting with them for two years now.....she gets more precise and careful every time she does it.  

I laid my sticks in a low pot to dry as I finished each one.  I have to say this is one of my favorite DIY's that I've ever done.  I had this picture in my mind of how I wanted them to turn out.....and they did.  That happens about ten percent of the time--at least for me.

Have a great night!  And try this!  It's totally easy.  


  1. So cute! Your house is gorgeous!

  2. Love this idea, been wanting to paint some drift wood for awhile now. Thanks for the inspiration.


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