Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School Stuff.....for Georgia.

I think fall shopping is the best shopping of the year.  If I could only shop once a year (yikes!) I'd pick the fall every time.  And with a four year old entering her second and last year of pre-school back-to-school fall shopping is even better!

1.  J. Crew Crewcuts.....Besides this being so comfortable looking I love it because Georgia goes crazy when anything has a peplum on it.  She would wear the two shirts she has with them everyday if I'd let her.  "Can I wear my pep-a-lum shirt?," she'll beg every morning.

2.  Tea Collection......While I know that I could never talk Georgia into this backpack when shiny leopard print, unicorns, cupcakes, and Cinderella line the shelves I would consider it a real mom win if I did.  Maybe I should start carrying a backpack again because I love, love, love.

3.  Hanna Anderson.....There are no words for these other than, "Yes please."

4.  The Printed Palette....has become one of my favorite online shops.  G and I each have a shirt from them already and these leggings might soon be following.

5.  Hello...Not only do I love Hello's 'kid' shirt....I love their 'grown up' shirt too.  There's one for everyone in the family.

6.  Old Navy....If I didn't know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these would cause fits of epic proportions to put on we'd already have them.

7.  Target....Ummm, awesome.

8.  Target also....When I found this last week I scooped it up immediately since I've seen them in other stores for way more than $9.99.

9.  J. Crew Crewcuts....As an educator, how could I not love this?  Teach for America is an amazing, this shirt is adorable.

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  1. I love that she not only knows what peplum is, but that she has a cute "kid word" for it.
    Oh, and Target making it twice on this list...not a shocker. Love that place. :)


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