Monday, November 12, 2012

9 Gifts Under $30!

Yep.  I'm addicted to making these little collages.  So.....they're probably not going away anytime soon.  Tonight's, "while I was 'watching' Monday night football with Chris" past-time is a collection of great gift ideas for under $30.  And as an added bonus--you can buy them all on-line.  I think this Christmas might actually mark the year that I was able to purchase 100% of my gifts on line....and that's a good thing....the best thing.

1.  These little owls are under $20 and $5 of every sale goes to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Plus....they're awesome. 2. Add these maasai bracelets to your arm candy collection--I mean somebody else's....these are gifts....I forgot for a minute. 3. I seriously love this.  Who wants to gift it to me?  I think this would be awesome with.....almost everything.  4. I'm a brave admitter of the fact that I'm not a pet person (I know....that makes me intrinsically flawed), but I was an owner of a cute little cat for a while (see how that ended here and here) and he would have loved this. 5. So, it's pretty much a given that a Peter Pan collar is a must this year. I love the vintage look of this one.....and the price. 6. Gorgeous.  Wear them with a white t-shirt and you're good to go.  Someone you know will love these--at least they should. And the rest of this gem of a web-site?  Perfection. 7. These little embroidered hoops are so cute.  A perfect little stocking stuffer for someone you love, a gift for a nursery, or to add to someone's collage.  I have the "cat's pajamas" one for Georgia's new room! 8. The things you can do with these trays is endless.  Bring someone cookies on it as their gift, a vase of flowers, breakfast in bed, dinner, and on and on....and then they'll have this great tray to use as a decorative item on their coffee table with cool accessories on it, on their dresser filled with perfume, or on a kitchen counter full of go-to kitchen essentials.  9.  Know someone who loves to take pictures?  Get them this little pillow to add some interest to their couch!

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  1. Awesome ideas! I LOVE the owls, the earrings and the embroidery hoops! And, how do you do these collages? So fun!


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