Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dress Up Stuff

Georgia spends the majority of her day in dress-up clothes.  Her Rapunzel dress, for example, is fraying, stained, ripped, and downright gross after almost 365 days of wear.  She received it this weekend last year as an early Christmas present and it's graced the grocery store, the library, the park, the children's museum, the pediatrician's office, the beach (yep--I tried to win that battle but lost), and just about anywhere else in between.  It's downright disgusting.  But it's not going anywhere.  Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for higher quality dress up clothes that I can distract her with, as they are a staple that isn't going away anytime soon in our house.  Etsy is perfect for this type of expedition.  And since gift-giving season is approaching full swing and I'm assuming some of you might have some little dressers up in your midst I thought I'd share some of my newest dress-up clothes finds with you!

1.  Big Birds Boutique on Etsy.  These little wings are a bit pricey, but so beautiful. And additionally--they won't get caught on anything, knock stuff over, or remind me of a bad Halloween costume.  They are just the most adorable!  2.  Owl mask by RockenTot on Etsy. This mask is made of soft felt--always a plus in my opinion when we're talking about dress up clothes.  I've had enough of crunchy, itchy, poorly made dress up stuff.  This Etsy store has some great crowns and coffee cup sleeves too. 3. I know some little boys who have a hankering for a T-Rex and these awesome little capes would hit the spot! Find them at MaukyJo on Etsy.  4. Oh my word.  These are just....totally amazing.  Georgia is currently obsessed with Tinkerbell.  And while you're visiting Ross and Rosie Designs over on Etsy make sure to check out their entire inventory.  For example, how great is this Doc McStuffins inspired dress up tote. 5. I was always a fan of Donatello myself, but any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will do.  And I'm sure someone you know would be all over these........and for only $20!  6. These little masks would be a great stocking stuffer for a super-hero that you love! 7. I'm constantly being tapped with a wand.  I might not mind it so much if the wand was as cool as these big poufs from The Sugared  Ribbon on Etsy.  8. Another great stocking stuffer!  These super-hero cuffs are so cute and something little ones can put on by themselves....and probably with no fits about them not working. 9. If only I would have found these for Thanksgiving!  Georgia and I could have thrown our Minnetonka's on with this little head dress and had a great time.  I've always been a sucker for Pilgrim and Indian dress up clothes--probably the history teacher in me.


  1. Oh I seriously adore the TMNT stuff. I've been secretly happy it's making a comeback since I loved the s-t out of that stuff when I was little. Have you seen the Pip and Bean capes that are always popping up over on Kelle Hampton's blog? I've been putting some serious consideration into getting one for Dylan. Kid is seriously obsessed with dressing up lately.

  2. I forgot to ask-how do you make the little collages with pictures?


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