Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tickling the Ivories.

So, I know I said I was out for the rest of the week......but then my friend Lisa sent me these pictures last night that she asked Georgia and I to come down to her studio to take at the beginning of October....and I couldn't not share them.

Lisa had a wedding in her studio at the end of September and she had this amazing wall of sheet music and an old upright piano that had been part of the was begging for more use.  Enter us. I think pictures, family pictures, are pretty important, and Lisa doesn't know how to take bad when she asked us I said, "What time do you want us there?"

And the results?  I'm in love with them.

I'd love to hang these over a future piano one day in our house.  I took piano lessons for ten years and hope to start Georgia soon.  She's like a moth to a flame when it comes to the piano at my parents house and her preschool progress report said her favorite thing to do at school was play instruments and sing.  I could have told you that from the time she was two weeks old.  She responds to music almost more than anything else.  It's in her veins.

Georgia asked Lisa if there was any Wizard of Oz music on the wall.  The two of us laughed and humored Georgia for a few seconds while we "looked" for Wizard of Oz sheet music.  And guess what?  Lisa found some....right at the bottom where Georgia was sitting.  We can't escape Oz.  I guess that's in her veins too.

If you need amazing photography for any reason, check out Lisa's website.  She'll travel anywhere and I consider her work to be some of the best photography I've seen.  And in general, family pictures--the kind you take, and the kind you have taken--are an irreplaceable investment.  Don't overlook them.

Alright--I'm really done for the week now........check ya'later.


  1. These are GREAT! Not only am I loving the sheet music wall and sweet little Georgia, but you look fantastic! I love your tailored black shirt (note to self: get one of those) and your fun necklace, but your cameo ring...I die!

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog and Bumber's Bumblings are my two new favs since entering the world of open adoption. Thanks for all of the inspiration, adoption, fashion and otherwise!


  2. Oh em gee!!! I'm in love with these pictures. That black bow and those tights are too cute for words!!

    Have fun in Disney World by the way. Sounds like an awesome time.

  3. These pictures are beautiful! As is your little girl! Love the blog, so glad I found ya!

  4. Those photos are amazing! You'll treasure them forever.


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