Sunday, October 21, 2012

Faking it.

I was sick this weekend.  Sicker than I've been in a while.  Like wake up in the middle of the night Friday with a throat that's on fire, lay on the couch all day Saturday while my awesome husband took Georgia to get donuts, to Lowes, let her play outside in the garage with him all afternoon, and all around just let me lay and do nothing sick.  Like cancel plans with girlfriends to the Melting Pot and watch the "Nanny's Revenge" on Lifetime while in a feverish haze sick.

Just sick.

I rallied for a bit to teach three year olds at church this morning and to take Georgia out to lunch at Noodles & Co. but I still pretty much felt like garbage.  But I decided when we got home that I needed to do something with my girl since I'd missed a whole Saturday with her and bit her head off for really no good reason during bath-time on Saturday night because I was feeling so crummy.

I was hoping she'd think laying very still on the couch sounded like fun.  She didn't; since she hasn't laid still besides her REM cycles........ever.  So, I decided we'd take a walk in the woods behind our house to collect leaves to make leaf glitter (thank-you Family Fun magazine--see the latest issue for the deets--and yes....I just used the word deets).

We're moving in about a month and while I'm very excited about it, I will miss the woods behind our house.  They seem to go on forever and G and I have taken numerous walks through them in all seasons and they always deliver a good time; an amazing time.  So we set off.  Me feeling like garbage, Georgia excited and oblivious to adult ailments.  I was faking it with the best of them.

And I kept faking it because it was a beautiful day here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and next weekend it's supposed to snow and who knows if we'll get the chance to take a walk through these woods again.  That stings a little bit to type.

I knew I needed to fake it.  And I'm so glad I did.

I love this picture. I love it because Georgia's boots are on the wrong feet and it is the hallmark of an independent three year old who "can do it myself."

We found some great leaves, we laughed, we chased each other down some hills, and the most exciting to Georgia.....we found lots of deer poop to which she responded, "I always thought they did that in private."

I feel like so much about being a mom is faking it.  Sure, I know how to get her to stop crying, I can definitely get that sliver out quickly, I bet this consequence will totally work, my kid can for sure endure a five hour shopping trip to the mall, and on and on it goes.  And it's okay, because so many times when we're faking it, it turns out right.....and good.......and perfect.  Like our walk in the woods today.

Georgia got to spend time with me......outdoors........exploring........enjoying possibly one of our last beautiful fall days.  And I did to.

Because you know what they say......."Fake it till you make it."

I made it. And I had the best forty five minutes of my weekend.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hope you're feelig better:)


  2. Gorgeous pictures. And if that's what you look like sick, I can only imagine how great you look when you are feeling well. Glad you "made it" - totally worth it.

  3. That's so awesome! I've done this as well...faking it is totally worth it, because those childhood moments are fleeting and precious. I'm so glad you were able to do it, and I hope you're on the road to recovery!

  4. Let's face it: kids don't really care that we're sick, or tired, and too big to fit into the spare princess costume to play a game of dress up. Motherhood really gives us an opportunity to see what we're really made of. SN: That khaki trench is hott!

  5. Lovely pictures!!! I'm glad you didn't just stay in bed all day. I hope this weekend you feel better!


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