Monday, October 15, 2012

Adoption Stuff.

I have another installment of my "stuff" stuff.  This time, it's a little more meaningful than my first round, which was just Pink Stuff.  Adoption "stuff" is hard to find--at least good adoption stuff.  I'm not into the "Mommy Saved Me" shirts (and that's a whole different blog entry for another day) or anything in that vein and unfortunately it's just so.........prevalent.  So when I find adoption items that are positive and simple and poignant, I don't forget about them.  November is coming up and it's national adoption month--if you know someone who has adopted, who is adopted, or who is waiting to adopt some of these things might make a great gift!  Happy Monday to you!

1. This is truly beautiful.  And while it could be applied to any family, I think the meaning it would hold for adoptive families is especially important.

2. Ahh.  I love this print. Give it as a gift, buy it for yourself, hang it in your babies bedroom, or right smack in the middle of your living room because it makes you so happy.  Ashley Ann Campbell, one of my favorite bloggers inspired this print last year when her family was waiting to bring their daughter home from China.

3. These are one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas!!  These little cards tell the story of adoption and how amazing it is to everyone who asks you.

4. Yes!  This is awesome. Don't you think?

5. I wear this everyday.  I had the Etsy shop owner punch a hole in it for me, put it on a jump ring, and I wear it as a necklace.  Georgia knows what it says, she asks me to read it to her a lot and I think she's starting to understand what it means; that she grew in my heart and not under it.  I've given it as a gift to other adoptive moms as well.  It's one of my favorite adoption "things" that I have.

6. Ordinary Hero Cardigan.  If you don't know about Ordinary Hero--read up on them when you visit their online store!  A fabulous organization that exists to change the world for children in need.

7. Also from Ordinary Hero.  I have a lot of friends with amazing babies from all over Africa and I think this shirt is pretty cool.

8. This is just so beautiful I think.  And again......such a great gift idea if you know someone who's adopted from Africa. And the rest of this shop-owners stuff is amazing too!

9. I'm falling in love with this woman's adoption art.  It is sweet, and powerful, and gentle all at the same time.  She has an incredible talent of translating the feelings of adoption into visual representations.


  1. What a great collection of stuff! Pinning this post now to my adoption board. :)

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this amazing collection! I'm honored and so happy to now know about your blog! How wonderful! Thank you again,

    1. Astrid! Thank you so much for making such amazing art about adoptions! It's so needed!

  3. These are amazing finds, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to get that roots poster for my boys!

  4. thank you for sharing...they are all so very amazing! it makes my heart happy to know you wear it, and that Georgia wants you to read it...such a great story! thank you!!!!! xoxox

  5. what beautiful, meaningful "stuff"! so humbled to be numbered among them. my brother and his wife are on an adoption journey, via fostering. i will pass your blog on to my SIL - she will LOVE this list!

  6. I LOVE this post!!! Going to follow each link right now!


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