Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year. New Bed. Sad Mama.

I'm mean.  I'll admit it.  When I mentioned big changes in my last post of 2011 I'm sure I had all of you thinking things like, "They're getting a new cat!", "They're finally painting the living room gray.", "Maggie's going to convince Chris that they should get a trampoline for Georgia."

Oh--that's not it. 

You were thinking bigger?

It is bigger. 

It's a big girl bed for the peach.  At least that's the big change I'm writing about today anyway. 

And while this change might seem insignificant to all you veteran moms it's a big deal for me.  Probably the change that I've had the hardest time with yet when it comes to Georgia growing up.  No more formula?  Yes, please! Removing the changing table from her bedroom?  Finally we can free up some more space! Walking? Love it--she can go anywhere with me. No more baby gate at the top of the stairs? Shoot--I really loved tripping over it every day.

But the big girl bed?  That's a little bit of a blow.  There is now nothing in her room that is reminiscent of a baby (save for a little box of diapers and wipes that I'm convinced will be there................forever), oh...........and the mobile I made for her that I just can't bear to take down.  It looks like a big girl room; a play kitchen with food strewn everywhere, real books--not the cardboard kind--littering her bed, art supplies, hot pink and orange tutu's peeking out of toy bins, and jewelry all over the dresser that she WANTS to wear..........and don't even think of moving it.  She knows where her elastic rhinestone bracelet was put down the night before and it had better be there in the morning.  She remembers where she left her plastic Hello Kitty bracelet before bed and she looks for it right away to get it back on her wrist.  This girl needs to be bejeweled.  Period.  And that's cool. 

But all of that, plus an adorably cute twin bed is a bit sad for me.  She's really growing up.  I'd heard it had to happen, I just didn't expect to want her to remain two for a few more years as much as a I do. 

So to start the new year we dis-assembled the crib.
But I had to take a few last pictures of her in it first..................

Last morning in the crib.  I took my camera with me when I went in to get her and shot this.  I know--a flash first thing in the morning..........a little crazy.  But she was laughing.  I promise.

Last few minutes in the crib.............right before we started the tear-down.

Georgia really was excited for the new bed, despite what this picture indicates.

Watching it all come down...............she's laughing,  I'm tearing up behind the camera.

A big empty hole where my baby's bed used to sit.  It was there before she was born....just waiting for her to come home from the hospital..................and now........it's sitting in a pile in the middle of the living room in the basement.

Making progress.....................

And the fun stuff.  Not wanting to spend MORE money on a bed right now coupled with the fact that finding the perfect antique wrought iron bed is impossible plus needing to maximize space in Georgia's bedroom I decided to use one of these amazing headboard wall decals that I found at Land of Nod.  They have a number of different patterns and colors to choose from.  $40!  And so unique--definitely a great idea Land of Nod.  It takes a little patience and little spousal bickering to put up--but worth it in the end.

I guess I was practicing my deranged maniac look above.  Or maybe that's how Chris and I confirm that we do in fact love each other amidst a home project.

How great is that matryoshka pillow?  Georgia loves those little ladies!  Check out Darlybird for that pillow and more!

And as bittersweet as this new big girl bed is for me..............I can fit on it and in it with her, and that is fantastic.  I have to keep reminding myself that even though she's in a big girl bed--she's still my big-little girl...........and even though they have to grow up............they're always our babies.  Always.

This picture was taken when Georgia was one week old.

And this one.....two and a half years later.....this afternoon.  It is crushing to me how time goes by.

Love you Georgia.
And time, you slow down.  


  1. Man, I totally wish time would slow down! My little girl is growing up way to fast!

  2. Brought tears to my eyes!! But it is so nice to be able to finally lay with her at night. I'm delaying Wy going into a bed for a while longer yet, I love the crib!! Good luck keeping her in her bed.


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