Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow bunny.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll be over this.  The snow and everything that comes with it.  But right now, at least last weekend, I loved it.  Because she loved it.  And it was just so gorgeous behind our house in the woods.  Like the most beautiful.  


In other news......if you've been thinking of a word to define 2012--and many of you told me you were.....check out these bracelets.  

You can customize the word to be "your word." I have one with COURAGE coming my way.  Mom Colored Glasses will be featuring this artist later this month and hosting a give-away.  Stay tuned!  But in the mean time--I can't wait until mine comes in the mail and whenever I feel like wimping out I can look at that baby and hopefully feel a little nudge--or a shove, or a body slam--whatever it takes.  


  1. Cute bracelet! The pics make me wish I could be in the snow. But only for a day cause I can't stand the cold, but I love the way snow looks when its fresh and its fallen.

  2. Beautiful photos, Maggie. I miss all that snow!! -Bethany


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